How much freedom is too much freedom?

Continue Play's Jake Haas examines narrative freedom in open-world games and asks the question: How much freedom is too much freedom?

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Timesplitter141586d ago (Edited 1586d ago )

it really depends on the game design.

Any kind of linearity or direction would be bad for games like DayZ and Minecraft, and a completely open world for games like TLOU would probably result in something less impressive.

But with that said, I really really like the idea of an open world in MGS5. That part in MGS3 when you had to attack the enemy camp in the middle of the jungle and you could blow up the radio tower with C4 to stop enemy communications? It was amazing. Now we get a whole game dedicated to infiltrating camps whichever way you want

porkChop1586d ago

I like freedom. However, if the game is so open to the point where at times I literally just don't know what to do or even what I should be doing, that becomes an issue.