Candy Crush Owner Tries to Kill the Game They Copied

Most people know that Candy Crush Saga is a complete rip-off of another game called “CandySwipe”. All King did was change the graphics of the candy. CandySwipe used mostly photos of real candy, while King had an artist reproduce them with sprites. This is because CandySwipe was made by one guy, and was released on the AppStore way back in 2010. A full two years before Candy Crush Saga came along.

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NoLongerHereCBA1495d ago (Edited 1495d ago )

Disgusting.. that things like this are even possible. I hope people see this and boycot the living hell out of Candy Crush and king (which won't happen of course)

Exodecai1495d ago

I don't recall the last time I hated a company so much.

assdan1495d ago

Is King trying it's hardest to make the world hate them? Just frickin keep making your money. It's not like you're not making enough.

rdgneoz31495d ago

The guy's worse than all those patent trolls that patent random vague ideas and never make them, then sue anyone that makes anything remotely close.

crusf1495d ago (Edited 1495d ago )

The Mobile Gaming market is a disaster. Greedy developers making unpolished low quality work for quick ad revenue. Pathetic

UncleGermrod1495d ago

And people have this strange notion that mobile is taking over. Just because your aunt plays candy blast and "fappy"-bird on her iPhone does not mean that the gamers like us do not look at this stuff and just laugh.

Scatpants1495d ago

Why are people still playing Candy Crush?

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