Titanfall - PC Footage From Preview Event Surfaces

YouTube's member 'rechyyy (clayman90)' has uploaded some gameplay footage from the PC preview build of TitanFall.

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Septic1379d ago

Rechyyy has inhumane levels of skills. If you haven't seen his montages already, do so.

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HarryB1379d ago

Man this gameplay was awesome. And the kills are very nice. Excellent reflexes.

Allsystemgamer1379d ago

Yeah I'm stoked for it. I hope I get into the beta.

HarryB1379d ago

Is the beta out? Im like checking my email every 5 seconds.

Fishy Fingers1379d ago

Tomorrow I believe. Not sure when confirmation emails go out but I'll cross my fingers for you.

combatcash1379d ago

Emails go out by the 17th so be ready. I already signed up for the pc beta.

Letros1379d ago

The MP experience of 2014, hands down. Looks incredible, day 1.

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