Microsoft on PC gaming -- "We're very dedicated to that space"

Creative director Ken Lobb says following "One Microsoft" reorganization, gaming team is "getting very strong support internally."

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Pandamobile1564d ago

Come on Microsoft, the last time you had any sort of presence on PC was like 10 years ago.

MidnytRain1563d ago (Edited 1563d ago )

I think what they're doing with EA and Titanfall is a good start.

Allsystemgamer1563d ago

Hopefully lol. Let's make those X1 exclusives M$ exclusives.

Fishy Fingers1563d ago

That's probably as much EAs choice as it is MSs. I wouldn't be surprised if MS would of preferred XB1 exclusivity, but settled for console exclusivity as the second best option.

afterMoth1563d ago

At least with PC gaming MS can hit 1080p 60fps

SteamPowered1563d ago

It will be interesting once steamOS is out. I'll be dual booting for sure.

SilentNegotiator1563d ago (Edited 1563d ago )

They're so dedicated that they're still on Gears of War 1 and Halo 2 on PC. I can't wait to "finish the fight" in 2020.

The only thing they're dedicated to is PR BS. They remind us of why their PC near-monopoly is a horrible thing almost every day. Their last great move for PC gaming was KILLING OFF gfwl.

ScubbaSteve1563d ago

I do believe you've misinterpreted what the article is about. The quote in the title is "We're very dedicated to that space" which is referring to pc gaming of course. But, space is empty and void of substance and their recent dedication to keeping it that way really shows.

In truth this policy has been really great, imagine if they actually tried... we'd still be stuck with Games for Windows Live.

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RedDeadLB1563d ago

I think they should improve DirectX to stay competitive on the PC market. It is their proprietary API and compared to Mantle and OpenGL when it comes to draw calls it's an absolute piece of crap.

I mean come on Microsoft. DirectX11 is the bottleneck in PC gaming. Get it right!

lets_go_gunners1563d ago

Direct X is and will always be preferred and when used in conjunction with good tech we get crysis 3 results. Mantle has a long way to go before it will even reach where direct x is now.

RedDeadLB1563d ago

But with OpenGL and Mantle you can get all the eye candy DirectX11 has without the serious performance impact draw calls make on the CPU under DX11.

I'm all for Mantle and OpenGL taking the reins. DirectX11 is bloated.

jimjam34421563d ago

hahahahahahahahhahahahh.... aww man haven't laughed that hard in a while.

DarkLord10031563d ago

Talking about the gaming content MS had the most impressive last years E3 press con.
I think they are dedicated to gaming but their messaging is horrific atm.

KimoNoir1563d ago (Edited 1563d ago )

Microsoft, you try to best every market you're in... But fail.

Consoles (xbone)
Operating Systems (w8)
Phones (windows phone)
Media Portable Players (zune)
Internet browsers (

I was such a fanboy before MS racked up a fail streak.

matt1391563d ago (Edited 1563d ago )

x1>> ps4. (less powerful yes but better controller, better exclusives and a better media centre)

windows 8/7>> any other OS on the market (The people who claim windows 8 sucks are the ones that can't use it) Windows 8.1 with classic shell is essentially windows 7. Either way it annihilates linux and OS X.

Most tablets are bad, but Microsoft have the best ones after Apple

Windows phones are still better than Android.

The zune did suck and so does bing so no defence there.

Stop being such a Hipster and start being rational and realistic.

jimjam34421563d ago

yes because who gives a shit about power? we have a camera!!!

curtis921563d ago (Edited 1563d ago )

So if you don't like're a hipster. Also, being rational? How about $399 for a system that's far more powerful and with more exclusives and is $100 cheaper? Is that not rational or realistic?

How can you defend rationalism and realism and still be pro MS?

kingdip901563d ago

Windows xp is better than windows 7/8... I won't buy another gaming pc until either windows release an operating system better than xp that can play new games or steam os takes off and proves to be easy to use and very consumer friendly

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