Could Xbox survive without Microsoft?

Alex Androski of The Game Fanatics ponders the future of Xbox under Microsoft’s new CEO.

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NatureOfLogic1559d ago

With Xbox One global sales not looking so hot, I can see MS getting rid of Xbox.

Mikelarry1559d ago

all thier investments (pc, surface) aren't doing well the only division making them money is the console business, it would be silly for them to get rid of it

Muffins12231559d ago (Edited 1559d ago )

Console has not made them money and only recently did the 360 start to bring in profitable amounts,but as a whole xbox division it has lost money and xbox one is selling horrible in Europe and will in asia. Its going to loose money this year and next year i grantee that.The thing they make money in is software dipshit and that's what their known for,not xbox. Its not silly when they are actually considering the idea of doing it now.Its not going to necessarily fail its just not going to have any profit and at best it will come close to breaking even with what they paid for,which its stupid to support something that does not make money.

Utalkin2me1559d ago

The Xbox division is still in the red since the original xbox, so no it couldn't.

LackTrue4K1559d ago

Microsoft ONLY brings in $$$ from there software!!!
pc/tablets, not so much....Xbox it's self profits suck.

MasterCornholio1558d ago

What's wrong with you?

How could you ignore the monopoly that Microsoft has with windows and their Office Suite programs?

ABizzel11558d ago

Could Xbox survive without Microsoft?

As a console manufacturer No. They need someone with enough money to invest in the console production, which means they'll have to hope someone like Amazon, or Apple scoops them up.

If they do, try to make a console on their own they're going to have to really balance sales expectations and market reach. If I were them I'd focus on an American launch, then a European Launch 6 months - 1 year later, and finally WW launch 2 years later once production fees were down, so each console is sold at a reasonable price and profit.

But even then it's going to be hard. If the Xbox division goes solo, it'll be best for them to shrink into a game publisher, making Forza, Fable, Gears, Halo, etc... for PC and PS. They would be best served integrating XBL into PSN, and having a unified system where PC and PS gamers can play with each other through. FInally they could make peripherals like controllers, Kinect, etc for PC and PS. Software and Peripherals are the money makers in console gaming, and that would be the easiest way for them to make it in the industry.

dcbronco1558d ago (Edited 1558d ago )

It's amazing that people still believe Xbox isn't profitable. I know stock brokers like to pretend it's not so they can short sell stock and play their games to increase their own portfolio. But for people to be incapable of using common sense to realize that Xbox is very profitable and has been for years is something that is actually pretty scary.

All of the re-negotiated contracts, all of the die shrinks, case shrinks and packaging shrinks. Add power saw shrinks and demands. All of that saves a lot of money. Almost every game sold on the consoles nets MS a ten dollar royalty. Xbox Live subscriptions are sold at a profit. Items sold on Live are sold at a profit. Don't be fooled into believing Xbox couldn't survive on it's own. And definitely don't believe those who will hate MS no matter what. They don't live in reality. Xbox would continue to flourish.

Also Xbox and games in general are a growing area of commerce. It would pure stupidity to abandon it while it is growing. It already beats most forms of entertainment.

Sayburr1558d ago

According to their financials the Entertainment Division is making a profit... They don't specifically breakout the Xbox from the rest of the division, but still "The Entertainment and Devices Division saw profits grow to $848 million for the full fiscal year. This is up from $380 million a year ago. Microsoft also shipped 1 million Xbox 360's in the quarter, which is down from 1.1 million a year ago. Xbox Live revenue grew 20 percent in the quarter."

dcbronco1558d ago (Edited 1558d ago )

The division has a lot of products, most don't make money. But basic knowledge of how the console business works makes it easy to see that Xbox makes a ton of money. The most expensive parts are the CPU and GPU and their cost goes down with die shrinks. The parts int he 360 went from 90nm to 65nm to 45nm then to being combined into one 45nm chip. Only a fool believes MS didn't save any money. Analyst know they did, but they are in the business of cheating people so they pretend it doesn't. I know many millions of Americans lost a lot of money on the market during the last couple of crashes but they continue to be fools for their 401ks. So brokers continue to cheat them. But back to the point.

Those dies shrinks have brought the cost of the entire GPU/CPU chip to under $30 for MS. Down from over $250 from the launch price of the parts. Yet the 360 still sells for $300. With the addition of a hard drive that any of us can get for $70 and some software they already own or can buy cheaply.

MS makes over $100 on every Xbox sold. They said they would drop the price every year before launch. The high price of the PS3 allowed them to keep it higher then it should been. But I'm sure MS appreciates all those that believe they are losing money on the 360.It al;lows them to keep the price high.

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lolCHILLbro1559d ago

Xbox One sold quicker than any other Xbox, as far as MS is concerned Xbox One is doing great, only a fanboy would think its not selling well just because PS4 has sold more! PS4 is 25% cheaper and in 3x as many territories, Xbox One is doing fine, sorry to burst your fanboy bubble

Utalkin2me1559d ago

This about Xbox division as a whole, and not just what the Xbox1 is doing.

GhostTurtle1558d ago

Not to mention the games look 25% better.

AngelicIceDiamond1559d ago

@Nature 3.9m Yep MS is on its way out the door.

WilDRangeRrfc1558d ago

I have PS4 but MS are making more money than Sony last gen and so far this gen,don't forget Xbox Live has made around a Billion alone,plus they are making more on each console sold compared to PS4.I read an article the other day saying profit wise MS is ahead so I don't know why all the doom and gloom for Xbox,disagrees don't change facts,in the end though I expect PS4 to at least double X1 sales worldwide by end of this gen,and PS+ subscriptions to increase ten fold making PS4 the more profitable eventually,Sony need it and I am more worried about Sony as a whole than Xbox

christocolus1559d ago (Edited 1559d ago )


lol...You know that aint happening. right? The xbx one aint selling as well as the ps4 but that doesnt mean it aint selling really good.its selling faster than 360 did within the same period and faster than the wiiu.

It aint going anywhere.


All their investments(pc, surface) aint doing well? lol, wth? you need to go back and read their latest earnings report before making such comments.

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maniacmayhem1559d ago

By some logic Sony should have sold of the PlayStation brand and name since it's own launch wasn't so hot.

Anyone remember that? The million of "Ps3 is Doomed" articles that most moaned and complained about on this site.

Utalkin2me1559d ago

Well in defense the PS3 was clearly the better system with better hardware. Where the Xbox1 lacks in every aspect compared to the PS4. So i do not see how thats the same.

Retroman1559d ago (Edited 1559d ago )

could x-1 survive without MS 44 billion dollar support??

i'd say NOPE!!

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Mikelarry1559d ago (Edited 1559d ago )

without knowing who the contenders looking to purchase the division its really hard to tell but i think without ms the xbox division will die as only ms has that deep pockets to really make the xbox one a viable system to entice both gamers and developers. i mean seriously which other company can really take a billion dollar hit (rrod fisaco) and act like its nothing

XiSasukeUchiha1559d ago

Pretty much because of all IPs so MS make your decision now!

isarai1559d ago

I honestly don't think so since many things Xbox has in its favor is from MS throwing money at it

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