First Nintendo Direct of 2014 is tomorrow, covers Wii U and 3DS titles for the end of spring 2014

A new Nintendo Direct presentation will be streamed tomorrow, Nintendo has announced. This one will be the first presentation of 2014.

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WiiUsauce1531d ago


Xof1531d ago

Fingers crossed for Dragon Quest localization announcements. They've registered the trademarks, and a rough estimate places a release window in Q3 or Q4 2014 if localization began shortly after release in Japan.

Dravidian1531d ago

I never played a DQ game but I could use some rpg and mmo action right about now...

Xof1531d ago

Just out of curiosity: what kind of assburger/morons are disagreeing with this post? Really?

Justindark1530d ago

sony fan boys that's what.

3-4-51531d ago

Yea they needed to give us something.

We need a good surprise in there though.

I can't just be more of the same, or more of what we know.

Please Take advantage of this Nintendo and get people excited again.

* Hoping for Dragon Quest 7 & 11

AWBrawler1531d ago

awwww yeah! My body is ready!

wonderfulmonkeyman1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

Jesus Christ, it took you guys long enough! I had better hear more about monoliths new game this time. I'm sick of being forced to wait months for updates on games that Look that awesome...

MNGamer-N1531d ago

We need X news badly. This is the game most people are waiting to hear about. Iwata better give us the goods.

leemass241531d ago

nice falls on the day i literally have nothing to do :)