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PlayMagazine writes: "The ability to play Vita games on our big-screen TV is simply too good to pass up, even if not every game is currently supported and there are some pretty major issues for non-Japanese owners. Despite all this, and driven by some of the requests for information on the device we’ve received from readers in the last few months, we’ve gotten our hands on an imported Vita TV to put through a very special import review. With no North American release date set yet, is the Vita TV worth picking up on import? Probably not... yet."

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ABizzel11620d ago

The biggest problem with PSV TV are the touch controls of the Vita. Most games simply won't work, which is why they need to stop selling the DualShock 3 bundles and replace them with DualShock 4 patching the touch controls to the touchpad.

That alone eliminates 90% of the problem.

The other things that need to be added are more media apps, PS Now support, and probably a new OS specially for Vita TV that's similar to the PS4 so people can instantly switch between them comfortably.

Adding and fixing these things would knock that score up to a 9/10 instantly from most reviewers. Make it happen Sony.

ThatArtGuy1620d ago

The only reason the reviewer gave it a 6 was because they want a NA version.

kB01620d ago

I think the ps4 controller compatibily would fix 90% of these problems.

ruefrak1620d ago

Considering you need a Japanese account to make it work and few of the services are available in NA, I'm surprised it got a score that high.

fenome1620d ago

The only thing I'm interested in is a NA release date with DS4 support. Second screen functionality with my PS4 is the main reason I want this. Thanks to ps+ I have a huge backlog of Vita games in my download list just waiting for me. I'm not sure which ones are compatible off the top though because of that touch-screen, that's why they need to patch in the DUALSHOCK4 support. That should negate those issues.

That new Vita's about to drop for like $200 with Borderlands 2 though, so if I don't hear something soon (like before E3) , then I'll probably pick one of those up while I'm waiting..

elnacho1620d ago

This echoes the review that was posted a while ago:

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