Sandbox gaming is the future of MMOs, says Sony Online Entertainment president

GameDynamo - "For years, massively multiplayer online games have offered set experiences for their players to enjoy, from quests to take on, dungeons to conquer, and so on"

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punisher991590d ago (Edited 1590d ago )

I agree. But they don't necessarily have to be massively multiplayer online games to be great though. More sandbox and open world games should be the future.

Wni01590d ago

Please no. Mission structure is pathetic in sandbox games.

thezeldadoth1590d ago

yeah were getting flooded with poorly designed open world games now. Collect 3 of x, kill 2 of y, escort z to house, pick up this item and return it here

PoSTedUP1590d ago

make the Getaway3 an MMO! rob banks, launder money, do hits, be a law enforcer, a criminal, a free-merc, a citizen with their own set of objectives and skills etc..

gah, its only a dream everytime i think about this game in any manner...

Ace Killa 081590d ago

Hey its possible now to reach out to gamers with less limitations than before with Ps3 and 360.

corvusmd1590d ago

This would be a great direction, Sandbox/MMO games are usually my favorite.

webeblazing1589d ago

im still waiting on the agent