Update: Most sales on 3DS – Mutant Mudds has sold more on Wii U than Steam/PS3/Vita combined

Renegade Kid co-founder Jools Watsham shared an interesting sales tidbit about Mutant Mudds Deluxe on Twitter just a few minutes ago.

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wonderfulmonkeyman1616d ago

More than on even steam??
But that's, like, the HOME of Indie games!
Good news at last. Maybe the wii u really does have a chance of becoming the best Indie console outside of PCs. They're certainly getting a lot of games from them lately...

SteamPowered1616d ago

Steam has a trillion indie games. The numbers may be skewed just because of that. And plus the 3DS seems like an indie developer's dream. The simple and cute games that may not get attention on PC would be incredibly charming on a handheld console.

Moncole1616d ago

The most game went on sale on Steam was 50% off and i am sure it will sell a lot more when it gets a 75% off on steam.

BoneBone1616d ago

Wii U is the console of choice for Indie games. As stated the other day, there are over 120 Indie games coming to Wii U and in development.

MMs is a game for gamers with good gaming and reaction skills. It's little wonder it sold better on Wii U than the other platforms. I'm sure most PC gamers have the 3DS or Wii U where the game would be much more enjoyable over sitting at a PC.

gedden71616d ago

Wow THATS impressive!! I want Samurai Gun NOW!!

BlackWolf1616d ago

Awesome numbers. Congrats to Renegade Kid.

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The story is too old to be commented.