Avalanche’s Christofer Sundberg: Mad Max is Just Cause’s Playground “in a Completely New Setting”

Avalanche Studios’ Just Cause franchise has an infamous reputation for its story and vast worlds that accompany them. While many clamor for the seemingly eventual follow-up, Just Cause 3, the developer is currently working on Mad Max. Somewhat unsurprisingly, a lot of Just Cause influenced Mad Max, including the design of the game’s world.

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-Foxtrot1439d ago (Edited 1439d ago )

How though? Mad Max is set in a post apocalypse setting where fuel and such is can you expect us to have the same level of fun like in Just Cause with jet planes, parachutes, grappling hooks and other features which most likely won't appear in this game because of the setting.

Fishy Fingers1439d ago

Ever the pessimist. I'm sure the guy has a grasp on what he's working on. You can have fun without a grappling hook.

-Foxtrot1439d ago (Edited 1439d ago )

I didn't just say "grappling hook" though did I.

Besides how is that pessimistic, it's just a question since it makes sense. The world in Mad Max is far different to Just Cause, vehicles is where most people got the fun from and I doubt Mad Max will have as many good vehicles as Just Cause with Fuel being such a limited resource in this world.

Fishy Fingers1439d ago (Edited 1439d ago )

In a world where fuel reigns supreme, the protagonist drives a Mustang...

"The game is open and appears to be huge. It's set in a massive desert wasteland. It's focused on driving and car combat and lots of close-up killing of people in aggressively gruesome ways."

Driving and car combat requires fuel. They'll put fun before lore.

-Foxtrot1439d ago (Edited 1439d ago )

"In a world where fuel reigns supreme, the protagonist drives a Mustan"

Fuel...reigns supreme

Have you actually seen Mad Max, the reason why the world breaks down in the first film then later turns into a post-nuclear story is because there is a shortage on Fuel.

Vehicles need Fuel, it's why you didn't see that many vehicles in the films. The ones you did see looked like they were on their last leg.

Fishy Fingers1439d ago (Edited 1439d ago )

Yeah I've seen Mad Max dude, the films. But they're making a game. I personally don't think they're out to recreate the original movies to that extent, rather ride on the brand/franchise to coincide with the movie reboot. That doesn't look like Mel to me.

Personally, in a game centred around driving, I'm not expecting to do much walking.

AnEwGuY1439d ago

@ Fishy...

No, you really can't. Well, not unless you're playing the modded PC version, that lets you fly like Superman.

This guy is just trying to create buzz for a movie licensed game nobody's talking about, because he knows they aren't making the game their fans REALLY want.

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4ShotKing1439d ago

It's called mods on PC ;)

elninels1439d ago

Foxtrot, always a Debbie Downer.

Gamesgbkiller1439d ago

I'm so F**king exited to see any thing about the game.

Just Cause 2 was So insanely good.

porkChop1439d ago

I'm really hoping that it isn't Just Cause with a Mad Max skin. When I want to play Just Cause I'll do that, when I want to play Mad Max I want a proper Mad Max game.

Agent20091439d ago

I want to spank people who say things like that. What's wrong in putting the same mechanics into a new skin? After all, Red Dead Redemption was GTA IV in new setting.

porkChop1439d ago

What, did you even play the game? RDR was far from just GTA IV in the wild west.

Heisenburger1439d ago

You can spank me, tough guy.

WeAreLegion1439d ago

It's going to be awesome, but without the dual grappling hook and parachute, there's no possible way it can be as fun as JC2. I'm definitely getting Mad Max though. I just want JC3 more.

AnEwGuY1439d ago

Same here. Unless they give him a jet pack, rocket boots,or a hover's just not going to feel anything at all like JC2.

KendrickLamar1439d ago

Just show us Just Cause 3 already!

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