Should Price Equal Game Time?

In light of recent events with MGS GZ's length, this Game Point episode tackles the question about game time. Should users pay for the hours they play? All these discussed in more in the latest episode.

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admiralvic1587d ago

Not in a scaled sense, like a $60 dollar game absolutely must have 20 hours of gameplay, but it should offer enough content to see "fair" for the price. I put "fair" in quotations, because everyone is going to define fair differently. Some people will be okay with Ground Zeroes having "2 hours" of gameplay, if the experience is good enough, which was a common counter point to weak gameplay times in games like Tearaway. Other people will stand firm that this is too low for the cost and simply not buy it.

italkgame1587d ago

Nice talk. Price should equal what a publisher thinks a game is worth and what consumers are willing to pay for it.

Kojima San might be trolling everyone again so I until we play it it is hard to tell if it is worth it at full price and how it relates to the "real" game.

If it is okay I would like to ask you a question in return. I hope you aren't offended by me doing so.
Games are usually speaking full of (bad) clichés and in an industry were controversy seems to be a mayor catalyst behind both storylines and news stories I wonder how does it feel to be an arab gamer?
Of course you can't speak for every arab out there but I wondered how it to belong to a group that is am a nog the usual suspects. Russians, Nazi Germans are others that usually are depicted as one dimensional "evil" characters. Sure, there are exceptions, a game like Telltale's The Walking Dead shows human side of minorities and I feel like those characters could have been any color. Their ethnicity does make them good or bad.

italkgame1586d ago

* doesn't ( in last sentence)

Everlastingfate1584d ago

Once again.... Proofreading FTW.

JustPlay41586d ago

I guess it does to a point and also depend on how fun the game is.
If I pay 15 for a 4 hour long game and love it, I want it again and pay 60 for a 6 hour game and love it and want to play it again does it matter how much it pay for it as long as want to play, not sure

McScroggz1586d ago

No, it shouldn't. Quality should be the most important thing. However, if somebody doesn't have a lot of disposable income or time and they want to get a game like Call of Duty that offers a large amount of game time that's a perfectly reasonable situation.

What makes Ground Zeroes different isn't as much about game time, it's about it being (more or less) a less than two hour demo that's being offered for $30 digital and $40 physical on next gen systems. Context is always pertinent.

nohopeinc1586d ago

Hours of play has no bearing on what I would play for a game. Minecraft has unlimited hours of game play in an unlimited world. Unfortunately I find it boring after the first 5 hours.

So if we begin the trend of saying $20 is what a 2 hour game is worth, should is scale the other way as well? Well this game has 150 hours of game play so it costs $150. See how that makes no sense?

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