Titanfall Not About Getting Revenge at Activision, Says Zampella

GR: For the folks at Respawn Entertainment, the creation of Titanfall was not motivated by getting back at Activision.

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AcesHigh2911589d ago

Really just seems like he wanted to make this type of game since COD: MW

SpiralTear1589d ago

To me, hearing news right from the Respawn guys instead of some publishing executive seems to dispel all the corporate talk, marketing messaging, and promotional jargon, and reminds me that these guys really do want to make a game like this.

There are real people who are putting their biggest efforts and all their hearts into this game that they clearly have a strong vision and love toward Titanfall. Kinda comforting to hear that, in my opinion.

kewlkat0071589d ago

Its sorta like the Kick-starter Devs talking about their games and getting updates about what has been going on...

Mikelarry1589d ago

Good forget and move on to making better games as if they live in regret all that energy would be wasted on trying to create a cod killer and we all know how those games ended up

Tzuno1589d ago

why do i feel that future cod will be better? :)

Brix901589d ago

If they really wanted revenge they would come out on all platforms and release on November date but thats not the case so no...

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