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DKC: Tropical Freeze - First 20 Minutes

GameXplain: "We play through the first 20-minutes of the Japanese version of Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze and check out all of World 1's main levels!" (Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, Wii U)

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Eternalb  +   311d ago
Looks so good
newsguy  +   311d ago
GamersHeaven  +   311d ago
I'm picking up a Wii U this weekend for this game looks great.
Reeze  +   311d ago
Good decision! You should pick up some other games for the system as well for when you finish DKC, like Mario 3D World, ZombiU, The Wonderful 101, etc...

I'm looking forward to this game as well!
Reeze  +   311d ago
A ghost disagreer obviously doesn't want people to like this game... Sheesh.
NintySony  +   311d ago
Game looks great! also a Nintendo Direct tomorrow! this game feels so nostalgic!
Realplaya  +   311d ago
Man I can't wait to get this game. Watching these videos are killing me.

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