Xbox One 1080p Issues Can Be Resolved

Khurram of Corrupted Cartridge writes "Since the release of the Xbox One and the PS4, both consoles have come under flak regarding the framerates and native resolutions they achieve for some of their games, particularly the Xbox One. However, according to Jean-Baptiste Bolcato, senior producer at Rebellion Games ( the studio behind Sniper Elite 3 ) the field may be evening out between the two machines."

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XiSasukeUchiha1618d ago

Unless you do SDK update and even then the power of 1080p at 60fps is too great!

tuglu_pati1618d ago

1080p wont be the norm on XBox One people should just accept it and move on.

afterMoth1618d ago

1080p can be the norm if they lower framerates, textures and other things. 1080p is possible on the 360 as well.

tuglu_pati1618d ago

@ afterMoth

And I bet they wont lower those other parts so 1080p wont be the norm.

truefan11618d ago (Edited 1618d ago )

Lol are we really saying this 2.5 months into this gaming generation. You ps4 fanboys crack me up, so it was ok for devs to get years to learn the ps3 architecture, but they only get 2.5 months to learn the XB1. The hypocrisy is laughable, you guys don't even try to disguise it anymore. Shouldn't we wait for exclusives like Sunset Overdrive or Quantum Break before making such accusations.

Utalkin2me1618d ago


The xbox 1 has PC architecture, not like they have to cope with a completely new chip such as the cell and stuff. I would be concerned if they are already having to make sacrifices this early in the generation. Will they optimize better later on, well sure. But this is a big red flag if i was a xbox1 owner. Well that is if your a gamer anyways.

Unreal011618d ago

Haha, you can always count on Truefan to stop by. Don't be so defensive all the time man.

The difference is that Xbox 360 versions of games were not way above the standard of PS3 games which is the case this gen. For the Xbox One to be on par with the PS4 shouldn't take time, it should be something to expect right out of the gate.

Kingthrash3601618d ago

@ true fan
and when they dont come out at 1080 60fps...will then you accept whats going on?
x1 is too weak, they put too much attention and money into the kinect. it will pump out great games, but MOST will not hit the 1080/60 level.
move on and enjoy games.

Bdub20001618d ago

No, the problem is that we have accepted it and PS4 fans and stories like this keep making it a topic... Otherwise, I honestly don't care at this point. Bring on the games.

dcbronco1618d ago

SO people believe that while last gen consoles were capable of doing some games in 1080p 60fps, new technology built 7 or 8 years later can't possibly do it. People can convince themselves of anything.

GameNameFame1618d ago (Edited 1618d ago )


You are truely deseperate. Go look at the spec.


1080P 60fps? Yea. If you degrade texture, light, physics and literally everything about the game.

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mark3214uk1618d ago

guess were going to have to wait for ps5 and xb2 for 4k gaming :(

UltraNova1617d ago (Edited 1617d ago )

Nope in 6-7 years when they arrive you better hope for a rock solid 60fps for all games, and up to 2K max resolution in full stereoscopic 3D. Just forget 4k altogether, even PC's wont play at 4K (as standard) by that time.

Just for the fun of it I will give you the specs of the PS5 and Xbone 2(IMO): 12core CPU with 16Gb RAM probably GDDR5 (or GDDR6 depending on cost), 2 TB drive and a Titan powered GPU equivalent or slightly more powerful.

And all that if we are lucky!

Vames1618d ago

Yet no AAA PS4 exclusive is doing 1080p 60fps

SoSolidrejaul1618d ago

Erm off the top of my head, infamous? 1080p @30fps

ape0071618d ago (Edited 1618d ago )

wow disagrees for a peaceful comment

Mikelarry1618d ago

Ps4 has been getting flak for running games @ 1080p and 60 fps... This is news to me

ThePope1618d ago

Not all games on the PS4 run at those numbers

DragonKnight1618d ago

The difference being that with the PS4, it's a design choice to not run at those numbers. With the Xbox One it mostly isn't.

PsychOff1618d ago

On the PS4 all the games that really count do run at 1080p. Framerates are a different story but I'll take 1080p, 30-60fps over 720p, 60fps any day.

I can't say the same for my Xbox One besides Forza.

ThePope1618d ago

Ok whatever you guys say lol. I hope you dont drive with those blinders on.

DragonKnight1618d ago

Can it be resolved WITHOUT sacrifices somewhere else?

SkullBlade1691618d ago

Not unless they find the ultra secret 2nd GPU that Xbox fanboys were banging on about awhile ago.

DragonKnight1618d ago

Lol, I love the disagrees I'm getting for asking a legitimate question. It's like "NO, A SACRIFICE WILL ALWAYS BE NEEDED TO APPEASE THE CLOUD GOD"

Convas1618d ago

Sacrifices are a part of console gaming.

Hence why you won't see a game running @ 1080p60 with 4x MSAA and "ultra" level details.

To suggest that development teams don't sacrifice certain things during PS4 development (to a lesser extent than XBone) is pretty laughable.

DragonKnight1618d ago


The problem with PC gamers is that they can only converse in PC terms. Clearly my comment was spoken in a foreign language else you'd have understood it better.

Megaton1618d ago

Yeah, just turn the graphics down to low.

DragonKnight1618d ago

That should be a slow jam.

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