South Park Creators Discuss The Stick of Truth in Behind the Scenes Video

In a new Behind the Scenes video, South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone discuss at length the process that has gone into creating The Stick of Truth. From capturing the immature essence of the hit show, to animating each character, watching the behind the scenes video shows just how much effort has been put into making The Stick of Truth a RPG experience that transcends both the video game genre, as well as the show itself.

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Apocalypso1498d ago

Looks great, can't wait!

khan_saab1498d ago

oh man 4:03 on the trailer is some hot shit!

Sketchy_Galore1498d ago

Whether you enjoy South Park or not you have to admit Matt and Trey are just incredible. Most animated episodes take months to create one episode. These guys create an entire episode every seven days of a run. That in itself is truly insane. The fact that they do this while working on a hit movie, then a hit Broadway musical and then a full proper videogame. It's just mind boggling. They're like some kind of wizards...grand wizards.