Analyzing whether PS4/XB1 could actually sell 100 million units

Gimme Gimme Games gives their opinion on DFC Intelligence's recent statements that both the PS4 and Xbox One will sell 100 million units each by generation's end and discusses why this may not happen. After all, this is the same research firm that said the Wii U would sell 50 million units at one point.

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GamersHeaven1470d ago (Edited 1470d ago )

PS4 at this rate most likely will but not too sure about the Xbox One they have a uphill battle to face loosing two of their biggest territories only time will tell.

@Hocking I agree PS4 will easily reach 100mil but like you said will hit 150 life time sales? I'm willing to bet it will surpass that.

Hocking1470d ago (Edited 1470d ago )

"PS4 at this rate most likely"

Definitely most likely. There really isn't any reasonable doubt the PS4 will break 100 million. Will it hit 150 million is a more interesting question.

The PS3 has another five years or so of sales left in it and it is selling as slightly slower rate than the PS2:

PS2 150 million over 12 years - 12.5 million/year
PS3 80 million over 7 years - 11.4 million/year

The PS3 will most likely end up in the 110 million or so range and end up the top selling console this gen. The PS4 will have no problem selling at a higher rate than the PS3 did with its price being cheaper.

The Xbox isn't getting anywhere near 100 million.

The Xbox 360 didn't get anywhere near 100 million and it:

% Launched a year early to pad out installed base numbers
% Was 200 dollars cheaper than the PS3
% Had the RRoD and all the countless other 360 hardware problems getting US Xbox fans to buy every new 360 model with hopes that each new model would finally fix the hardware failures and problems.

Take away the millions and millions of duplicate 360 consoles that were sold and there most likely isn't much or larger Xbox fanbase than 30, maybe 35 million worldwide max.

"face loosing two of their biggest territories"

Microsoft has given up on Japan.
The Xbox One is getting absolutely crushed in sales in Europe even with the PS4 constantly out of stock.

We are seeing Xbox worldwide sales return to their non-RRoD inflated sales rate with the Xbox One.

mediate-this1470d ago

I think game consoles asca whoke will go down in lifetime sales this new gen