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As much as I once enjoyed marching to the modern warfare beat, all ghillied up, it's fair to say the fun has long fizzled out. The Total Hours Played tally that could run into the hundreds for Call of Duty 4 has gradually petered out with each series release, and in the case of Ghosts' online mode I barely got to double digits. But for many like myself, Titanfall's interplay between mech and pilot promises a reinvigoration in theme that the console FPS scene desperately needs, direct from the talents who propelled it to centre-stage in the first place.

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AnotherGamer1171466d ago

I still don't get the massive hype for this game... Will it be a solid game - most likely. Will tons of folks have fun playing it - definitely. Will I buy it - nope.

I loved COD:MW but the subsequent series killed me. I haven't bought a COD game since BlackOps.

As much as I want to think Titanfall will be different - I just can't. I guess I am too jaded on the recycled COD games. Yes, I know this is the original MW developer (mostly) but the gameplay is COD with Mechs - that is what I see everytime...

For all those that are waiting for this game - have a blast playing it and hopefully it will live up to its hype. I will be sitting on the sidelines for this one.

JokesOnYou1466d ago (Edited 1466d ago )

You should definitely sit on the sidelines for this one, you also might want pass on the Titanfall threads since it sounds like all the hype is too much for you. Sort of like how if I'm too tired, I dont go to a party anyway just tell everyone at the party how tired I am. Im sure they wish I was there though. lol

hmmmm, Seems like all the previewers are having lots of fun, instead of being "too jaded on recycled COD games" which would explain what all the "massive hype for this game" is about; at least that's my best guess.

AnotherGamer1171466d ago

Well, JOY I will read more about this game and I will comment when and if I want.

This is a free country and I am allowed to have and express my opinion about this game.

I fully realize this game will sell millions of copies and be a great game for Microsoft platforms. It is one hell of a deal that MS locked it up like they did. Even so, I am still allowed to have my opinion.

JokesOnYou1465d ago (Edited 1465d ago )

lol, I never said anything about you couldn't have a opinion, or you couldn't read Titanfall news or that it's no longer a free country.

NO. You said yourself that you are "too jaded on recycled COD games", so I simply suggested if it bothers you as much as you make it seem then it might be helpful if you pass on news with Titanfall in the headline.

Just seems like the common sense approach for someone in your situation, sort of why you can't find me following KZ SF, 'cause its never been a game that I liked much outside of graphics but again its a free country therefore you are welcome to do as you will of course that includes voicing your opinion on anything, just as Iam. So with that said once again YOU remind me of "that guy" who doesn't like a local artist/bands music, yet continues to show up to their parties to tell everyone there who IS enjoying themselves that you don't like their music, basicly you sound like a hater pretending to be unbiased= but hey this is just >>MY<< opinion.

SpideySpeakz1466d ago

Look at them Bots dropping like flies lol. Pass!