Batman: Arkham Origins Shows Everything Wrong With DLC

Hardcore Gamer: Downloadable content (DLC) was a godsend to squander our adolescent troubles. It was a way to give gamers more of their favorite games. But DLC has had its ups and downs since its rise in the 2000’s. It’s offered us more, but has also shown us our own negatives to our gaming wants. Be careful what you wish for, because DLC’s most malicious demons are now out and about, ruining games and giving a number of companies the opportunity to cut corners without any real cost to show for it.

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ChaosKnight1439d ago

And everything wrong with video games in general.

Yi-Long1439d ago


TBH though, we already saw this happening with Arkham City, so I knew this would be happening and so I voted with my wallet and decided not to buy Origins, even though I loved the first 2 games and I AM interested in playing Origins.

These greedy developers/publishers don't deserve my money. Once they release a GOTY, (aka a 'complete' release) that I can pick up from a bargain bin, I'll reconsider.

Baccra171439d ago

In all honesty try to rent or borrow it. It's not that hard to beat it quick.

Yi-Long1439d ago

Nah, like I said, I'll wait for a cheap GOTY-edition. I don't know anyone I can borrow it from, and I never rent games.

I kinda expect a 'complete' next-gen version to be announced, like they did with Tomb Raider.

maniacmayhem1439d ago

I played this game and I was really unimpressed. The whole game just felt like extra DLC. There was nothing new to the game that AC didn't already bring. It's time to give this series a little break.

Deku-Johnny1439d ago

I remember there was a part in the game with a container for Queen Industries, they should give Bats a break and bring out an Arrow game, the show is one of the best on TV right now so it's the perfect time.

HaHa_Ostrich1439d ago

I really enjoyed Origins. It was much darker, almost noir, much less neon colors. I liked it a lot. Also, what is so broken about it? I played through it without a single issue or glitch.

Thatlalala1439d ago

WB man such a joke. Some of my favorite games that simply don't work or were released and left in an unplayable state. Guardians of middle Earth, Gotham city imposters (both developed by monolith, but that's a whole nother story, short version they suck) DCUO, and now this. Such a joke.

KidBroSweets21438d ago

Gotham city impostors is a great game. So much fun with friends. The servers were always a bit laggy though but I did convince 5 or 6 friends to buy it instead of everyone just being annoyed of getting "noob tubed" on cod.

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