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Delsin Rowe strolls down a shadowy length of docks with ample confidence. Caches of illegal drugs have been hidden among the houseboats moored there, which is a disagreeable notion to our super-powered, rough-around-the-edges hero.

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SteamPowered1497d ago

With Great Power comes Great Responsibility....and a toque that you wear year-round apparently.

solidsheep1497d ago

At least he's not a head shaven protagonist. Sometimes it feels like every action movie or game protagonist has his head shaved.

SteamPowered1497d ago

Very true. Shaved head usually equals bad ass. The only guys who wear toques year round around here are douche-bag dudebros. So I have a hard time embracing Delsin in the hero role.

solidsheep1497d ago

Wow, I didn't know Infamous's story spanned over a year...

WeAreLegion1497d ago

It rains year round in Seattle.

FamilyGuy1497d ago (Edited 1497d ago )

"Delsin can vaporize an enemy soldier in a flash of glittering light,"

From this and the interview in another article it would seem that Delsin can be a lot more evil than Cole ever was. Killing people in a very ruthless fashion. Evil might be a very interesting story line this time around. He can even mold the personality of Fetch into a villain or hero.

I can't wait for this game.