Respawn on Lack of SP in Titanfall: “It Was About Making the Best Multiplayer Experience Ever"

GR: Titanfall bucks the trend of traditional big budget console shooters by offering a multiplayer-only experience, doing away with a single-player campaign. This has proven to be a major topic of discussion ever since the game was first announced, and the studio has now come forward to explain the reasoning behind this decision.

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dbjj120881591d ago

And being a new IP on next-gen with crazy start-up costs and a publisher that's really focused on turning profits that they piss off entire audiences and groups of gamers.

Timesplitter141591d ago (Edited 1591d ago )

I really don't think excluding SP was a bad thing for this game. Who the hell even plays single player campaigns for COD and BF?

Nah, I'm not really getting that evil, greedy vibe from Respawn. And the only mistake I can think of on EA's part was not developping for PS4 too

levian1591d ago

That's my stance on it. Games that are meant for MP are worse in quality for having time and resources spent on SP.

Same goes with the opposite though. SP games quality can be SEVERELY reduced by adding a MP portion just because they feel like they "need" to.

However Titanfall turns out, I'm glad someone has taken the initiative to make a MP only game. I know there's more coming out in the near future, but it's a good start.

curtis921591d ago

who said the SP had to be like COD or BF? The fact they sidestepped it is disappointing cause the universe seems interesting. But MP only with loads of bots seems like they were conflicted which direction they wanted to take.

TheGreatAndPowerful1591d ago

“It Was About Making the Best Multiplayer Experience Ever"

Oh god, he did not just say that...he'll regret it once everyone gets their hands on this game.

JokesOnYou1591d ago (Edited 1591d ago )

Why?...So you've never heard PR hype from someone about their own game? btw it isnt if these guys are some newcomers making grand promises out of nowhere. I mean even if it's not the best ever, most will still love it, then of course some will say meh' and the rest= haters will hate on it regardless but I can assure from everything I've read and seen so far there's is absolutely nothing he needs to "regret saying", he really has nothing to lose by saying that, lol what exactly going to happen if it isnt "The best game ever!"? (It won't be)= worst case scenario its just going to sell a few mil copies minimum, be played by millions for the next yr, get at least 1 sequel and eventually die after he's made a ton of cash....In fact I like his confidence, I have a couple old favs like Halo, UT3, Gears and CoD 4 which will be tough to surpass in my mind so I probably won't believe it's the best ever but I sure as he'll want a guy who's putting his heart n soul into a game and therefore at least he believes it's going to be the best ever.

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TrueJerseyDevil1591d ago

I don't know if it will be the "best multiplayer experience ever", but it seems very fun. I have to pick up an Xbox One so I can play this

Shuyin1591d ago

Or you buy the 360 vereion...ooooor the superioir PC version.
Simple as that.

4Sh0w1591d ago

Its source engine PC footage looks just about identical to X1. Still maybe he's more of a console player and would also like to play current and future X1 exclusives.

Snookies121591d ago

Ever? I seriously doubt it'll top out GoldenEye or Perfect Dark.

Neonridr1591d ago

In all fairness to those games we are talking about a different type of multiplayer experience. Goldeneye on the 64 was more about the trash talking and in-your-face experience that it provided.

Online MP is a whole different situation.

XiSasukeUchiha1591d ago (Edited 1591d ago )

Hopefully the game is good on PC

-Foxtrot1591d ago

Pretty sure they could of done a single player aswell, I mean does it really take that long to make a multiplayer mode. It's like a normal dev cycle for just an online mode, when you have other games which manage to add a fantastic single player experience and an online mode which doesn't feel tacked on in the same time frame.

Fireseed1591d ago

"I mean does it really take that long to make a multiplayer mode"

The amount of ignorance in that sentence makes my head hurt. Balance and design is a lot harder than you're making it out to be.

-Foxtrot1591d ago

Oh I know how hard it is to balance and such but as I said above if other devs can make alright multiplayer modes with fantastic single player modes how come they can't do the same. It's like they are starting on a FPS for the first time in their life's, the majority of them made Modern Warfare.

Pre Production started in 2011 so even if they got half way through development half way through 2012, your telling me it took them as long to balance stuff out...then you have the betas they are planning.

Doletskaya1591d ago

@-Foxtrot Really? You really cannot think of a single reason why. Just off the top of my head, I can think of several possible reasons: budget, resources, studio size, being newly founded and this being their first game. All of these could be the constraints regarding why they choose to focus on multiplayer.

VENOMACR12271591d ago

Um, I'm not a developer but I can't imagine creating a multiplayer feature is easy. Take a look at Battlefield, you have all different weapons which need to be balanced, map design, objective locations, different game types with different map layouts, terrain and building being destroyed.

I would say 9/10 people that buy COD or BF buy it for the multiplayer or play the multiplayer majority of the time. Idk anyone who said "man, I can't wait for the next COD, I hope the campaign is awesome."

I love that it's multiplayer only. All the work and focus is on one aspect of the game.

jgrigs091591d ago

Yea their campaigns weren't the best. I just bought them for the online.

maniacmayhem1591d ago

But then more than likely you would complain that the SP was tacked on, right?

They focused their entire attention on the MP experience because this was their intention for the game. You should appreciate that they didn't sacrifice any time and resources doing anything else and just making sure that this game would be as fun as possible when someone plays it.

It's obvious that this game caters to the multiplayer crowd. Not the other way around.

hankmoody1591d ago

Man, the way you talk, I'm sure you don't even need other devs to help you make a game. Someone throw money at this guy!

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