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PSLS - inFamous: Second Son was among the first PlayStation 4 titles announced back at the platform’s reveal in February of 2013. Many of the other games—such as Killzone: Shadow Fall and Knack—have since released, while inFamous: Second Son spent extra time at Sucker Punch getting plenty of attention to ensure the franchise’s next generation debut is the one fans deserve. Almost a year after its announcement, Sony let press go hands-on with inFamous: Second Son at a preview event this week, where we got to take Delsin Rowe’s new Neon and Smoke powers for a spin.

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Meltic1616d ago

Wish this game was released earlier

Wedge191616d ago

It's bittersweet. I want the game earlier, but I would rather that they take their time to make the game great than release a buggy mess earlier.

Meltic1616d ago

ofc but i meant a bug free early release game :D

acharlez1616d ago

Can't wait for this one!

knifefight1615d ago

I was this game yesterday!