Evolve Survival Guide: Hunter Edition

Dealspwn: "We went hands-on with Turtle Rock's new multiplayer shooter Evolve the other day, and we were mightily impressed with the tense 4-on-1 gameplay. Evolve sees a team of four hunters, each with their own distinct class-based weaponry and abilities, fighting to take down a marauding beast. In our case, the beast in question was basically the lovechild a rancor and the Hulk.

It's a surprisingly tactical affair: Hunters have to stick together, and the monster must know when to stand and fight and when to run and feed. So we've put together a couple of survival guides and beginners' tips based on our time with the Hunt mode earlier this week.

First up... let's talk about Hunters."

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fonduktoe1587d ago

Preordering this...destiny and evolve are by far my most anticipated this year