Powerstar Golf Xbox ONE Review | RGN

DJ Killzown Jones of RGN writes, "Power Star Golf is a great sports title and a must own for any golf fan. The lack of online multiplayer and the inclusion of “pay for play” elements may shy away some gamers but all in all Power Star Golf is still a solid game worthy of any Xbox One owner’s collection."

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n4rc1494d ago

Funny.. I think its garbage..

They try to cater to the arcade fun golf game yet seemingly try to make it harder and more frustrating then any tiger woods game..

Courses are beyond idiotic in their layout.. Wind and elevation effects are completely random.. So is anything but a perfect hit.. It will go half power if that'll screw you the most, or it will go over if that's the worst spot etc..

For someone that's played a lot of hot shots golf and tiger woods, I hate this game..

Don't get me started on buying random items only