Community Mission - Destroy 50 Million Vehicles In Battlefield 4

The first Dice community mission where we managed to collect 10 million dog tags was a succes. Dice has announced a new challenge for the Battlefield 4 community. This time we need to destroy 50 million vehicles in six days.

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JetsFool35001532d ago

This is way harder than the 10 million dog tags mission

Majin-vegeta1532d ago

Not really.If you do stuff like this it's a lot quicker.

KwietStorm1532d ago (Edited 1532d ago )

I'm not into stealing dog tags too much, but I'm all in with vehicular genocide.

Last_Boss1532d ago

I've contributed to too much of this already.

karter1526d ago

If youre Timothy Mcveigh you can just build a truck bomb and kill hundreds of innocent people.