Watch Titanfall on Xbox One at 60fps

Richard Leadbetter (DF) :

"Throughout the development of Titanfall, Respawn has continually talked about the importance of 60 frames per second gameplay as a key, defining element of its brand new shooter. Running at the highest v-sync frame-rate possible on standard display technology not only produces a smooth, arcade-style experience, but it also opens the door to ultra-low latency controls, and thus the most intuitive interface possible between game and gamer.

What the studio's unerring focus on 60fps also means is that conventional internet streaming media can't accurately convey the speed and fluidity of the game, as the vast majority of media players cut frame-rate in half, showing you only half of the console's 60Hz output. That's no problem for most 30fps titles, but a big deal indeed in showcasing a game like Titanfall."

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Septic1474d ago

Wow gameplay looks slick at 60fps.

Shame about this though:

"Probably the biggest surprise is that, based on our testing, frame-rate doesn't quite remain locked to 60fps - not especially noticeable in most situations, but definitely more of an issue inside the titans. "

This should be running at 60fps effortlessly considering how old the engine is. Ah well.

Kayant1474d ago (Edited 1474d ago )

I wonder how well the X360 version is keeping up? It's supposed to be 60 as well right? I would guess it drops frames a lot more.

Downloading the footage now. I wish sites do this more often luckily gamersyde saves the day more often than not with HQ footage.

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tuglu_pati1474d ago

60 fps / 792 p resolution

AutoCad1474d ago

Respawn has confirmed our '792p' pixel count, and has indicated that a resolution increase is on the cards for the final game.

tuglu_pati1474d ago

yes and Respawn is using 2x multi-sampling anti-aliasing (MSAA) in order to make the image cleaner which is a smart move since post-process anti-aliasing doesn't work particularly well on sub-native resolutions.

bleedsoe9mm1474d ago

@autocad jeff gerstmann said , at the beta event event in LA , it was running at 1080 on the xb1

AutoCad1474d ago

he also said that its not the final build

B-radical1474d ago

Since its a beta hopefully enough people complain about this and they fix it

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DoesUs1474d ago

Shame it doesn't hit 60fps, especially after claiming to hit it. Why not stick to 720p if framerate is everything.?

WeAreLegion1474d ago (Edited 1474d ago )

Ok. I don't know how to contact the mods about this, but I keep seeing that ad for "The Most Awesome Zelda Tattoo Ever. NSFW." on every article. Adblock Plus doesn't help. It just shows an obviously NSFW picture. I can't browse N4G on my breaks now. What the frick?

On Topic: Looks awesome! Can't wait to play it.

jahcure1474d ago

use chrome and use adblock there. for some reason it's not blocking in firefox.

You also have to manually block it in chrome. Right click on the toobula, or whatever it's called, link and select the block option.

Hope it helps

curtis921474d ago

I'm on chrome with adblock... still booty.

Christopher1474d ago

Nothing we can do, sadly.

I am on Chrome with AdBlock. I do not see it. If you are on Chrome with AdBlock and see it, you might need to fix your AdBlock or use the "right" one.

lonewolfjedi1474d ago

Wow not locked at 60 frames how could this be, the engine their using is about 10 years old also what's the resolution? Seems like everybody is avoiding this question.

No_Limit1474d ago

It is not the final built. That is the answer.

XiSasukeUchiha1474d ago

@Majin Vegeta
This might be the final resolution is 792p

lonewolfjedi1474d ago

Thanks... Weird resolution to go with

B-radical1474d ago

Yeah and its not final resouloution supposedly according to this article anyway

sorane1474d ago (Edited 1474d ago )

Engines are upgradeable. It's not the same source engine that was used in Half-Life 2. It's a much upgraded version. Go max out and play some DOTA2 it has some of the best IQ and special effects that I've ever seen in a game and it's using the "10 year old" source engine.

1474d ago
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