Titanfall Hands-On Preview and Gameplay Video - AusGamers

AusGamers recently attended a Titanfall industry event to play the game and also managed to capture an entire gameplay round in video form (which includes narration).

From the written preview:

"Titanfall is not like most first person shooters. You are repeatedly encouraged to stay alive at all costs, and for the good of your team (and your score line) you absolutely don't want to die -- for a number of reasons."

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aragon1468d ago

this game actually looks quick and fluid.

Utalkin2me1468d ago (Edited 1468d ago )

I agree with what you said. And i would like to add i like the scale of the mech to the level. But on the flipside, the graphics are lackluster. Textures are average, the lighting seems below average. And i know not everything is about graphics.

But gameplay wise, i about fell alseep watching that. Actually i didn't finish watching it all. The design of the map was just boring. I mean he went long periods of nothing and he finally run into one guy then nothing for another period.

PrinterMan1468d ago

Must be one of the most over hyped games in a looong time. A little crysis, killzone and cod. Not much that attracts me but to each their own. Another mans trash is another mans treasure.

VENOMACR12271468d ago

Really nice video, never saw that one.