Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor New Screenshot Shows Nasty Looking Orc

LGN "Warner Bros has released a new screenshot for their upcoming third-person action RPG Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor. The screenshot depicts one of the enemies that Talion will face in the game."

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iceman13461434d ago

Nasty beautiful looking Orc

Xof1434d ago

After The Hobbit, I'm about all Orced out.

Hope they have some good enemy variety in this game.

Detoxx1434d ago

The designs are looking great.

SteamPowered1434d ago

I am actually excited for this game. It takes me back to the gamecube LOTR trilogy.

Neixus1433d ago

Here's me hoping it will be as good, if not better, than the lotr rpgs on ps2

Zack_attack1434d ago

The game looks solid. Can't wait to finally have a good lotr game. The last decent one was on my original xbox.