How Good (or Bad) is Titanfall's AI?

Are Titanfall's AI-controlled battlefield filler any better than cannon fodder? And what's this about being able to hack the Spectres?

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tapaz1587d ago

Alright, so the AI is atrocious. I'd have settled for AI Spectres, but this is ridiculous given that there's not a lot of time before release.

Kingthrash3601587d ago

i knew this from the moment i heard bot...this killed most of my hype for the game.
this vid just confirmed my fear of bots being there for no reason other than to give an illusion of chaos when really its a 6v6 game with a goal to see who can kill the most bots...
it still may be fun though...but killing easy bots gets old fast.

LightofDarkness1586d ago (Edited 1586d ago )

The AI isn't supposed to be good. They're cannon fodder. Again, someone doesn't know how the game is supposed to work.

And they're not bots. Bots emulate human players, these do not. They're just grunt AI, there to be farmed and killed en masse. Play a MOBA and you'll understand.

Killing an AI unit results in a fraction of the score that killing a pilot does, so you won't be gaining huge kill streaks by killing AI.

EDIT: You can disagree all you like, these are facts. Choosing to put your fingers in your ears and shout "la la la" won't change them one bit.

Septic1586d ago

"when really its a 6v6 game with a goal to see who can kill the most bots... "

What? No it isn't. You're telling me the game centers around killing bots? You clearly haven't got a clue what the game is about then and even if you take NowGamer's critical view of the game, they even state that the player count is a non-issue.

If you watched Maximillian's twitch stream yesterday you would also see just how it is a non-issue too.

Heck if you played it you'd realise the same.

MysticStrummer1586d ago

"The AI isn't supposed to be good. They're cannon fodder. Again, someone doesn't know how the game is supposed to work."

That's quite a ridiculous defense. Only within the context of the console war could bad AI be used as a positive bullet point in such a condescending way.

OiNioB1586d ago

@MysticStrummer Maybe Read/Quote the whole comment instead of that one part, considering it explains the rest of the point about the AI Grunts with a valid comparison, though I find that's going to be difficult for most on a site like n4g.

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quaneylfc1586d ago

I've been waiting for this argument to happen...

The bots are necessary to what the goal of the game is.

Think of them as all of the enemies of a single player game added to the enemies of a multiplayer game and there you will find what kind of game Titanfall is: an amalgamation of single player and multiplayer.

VENOMACR12271586d ago

I have to agree, the bots look pretty stupid. They all piled out of that drop container and got murdered with ease. I understand you don't want them to be too good because the casual fan can't play it, but too easy and the hardcore player won't be challenged. Maybe instead of trying to find that perfect balance, make the bots tougher to kill. They don't have to be super smart or deadly, but if it takes a longer time to kill them it might give teammates more time to come assist.

Or maybe it could have been setup that 1 bot follows each player. That way a bot wouldnt just be standing looking at a wall, they'd be following you and could help support in fire fights.

Lastly, why not a hardcore mode where the bots are tough? Casual can keep them at their 3rd grade difficulty, hardcore makes them much tougher.

Either way, they need to be a little bit smarter.

AstroCyborg1586d ago

look at all these xbots damage controlling the a.i dumb a.i is dumb a.i

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mochachino1586d ago

Wait, I thought the whole cloud thing being necessary for the game was because of the A.I.???

LightofDarkness1586d ago (Edited 1586d ago )

No, the real reason is that they shopped the idea to Sony and MS. They needed a large number of on-demand dedicated servers to facilitate their ideas, and MS had the solution while Sony did not (at least not within their budget). That's the real story. And yes, you do need dedicated servers to reliably sync the AI across a number of players' clients. If you had client/P2P hosting, it would be incredibly unreliable and unstable, and would introduce a slew of bugs and unpredictable behaviour.

It's not a slight on Sony, it's just that when Respawn were shopping around the idea, Sony were still likely unable to quote them a definite price and probably didn't have a solid infrastructure to show (this was about 3 years ago, IIRC). MS already had Azure to demo, with definite pricing and guaranteed, demonstrable availability and stability. XBL now of course being an extension of Azure, it was a no-brainer at the time. I'm sure Sony's cloud services could easily handle everything at this point, but we don't know how Sony prices these things or how easy it is to spin off new servers on the fly like you can in Azure.

pupa1586d ago

So what does Sony have to do with it now? They are out of this equation so to use it as some form of "justification" is so far fetched and ridiculous it's not even true. So far Sony showed us more of a functioning cloud service than M$ so we are all still waiting for the "Powa of the M$ cloudz"

SkippyPaccino1586d ago

The only reasons they talk up the cloud is that only EA(simcity) and Microsoft are pushing the cloud jargon agenda... That's most likely the biggest reason why they teamed up from the start and Respawn got stuck in the middle of all of it; "we are using the cloud... To have...hum.. BOTS!!!...and da... Yeah... It's important to... Are game and the... Power of the cloud??.. Is needed to make... It better?" is that what we tell the press EA and Microsoft? Yep they should buy that...

scott1821585d ago

infrastructure? Sony has worldwide servers in openstack, cloud structure and all the servers they have besides that. They easily would have enough. It has nothing to do with servers and everything with Microsoft paying for exclusivity... Titanfall in reality would perform better on the PS4 if we have other multiplats to go by.

TheObserver1586d ago

Sounds like who ever kills the most dumb bots then spam Titans wins. Hope the game doesn't devolve into that. At least make the bots more challenging to kill.

LightofDarkness1586d ago

You won't be getting your titan any time soon if all you do is farm grunts. They earn you a fraction of the points that killing a pilot does.

Godmars2901586d ago

From the videos I've seen the Titans don't come off as all that useful or dominating in action. Are rather fragile and just blow up pretty.

hellzsupernova1586d ago

When they blow up it does look really good

4ShotKing1586d ago

I've been playing the Titanfall BETA and honestly, the AI wasn't an issue at all, in fact it makes everyone rush and not camp as everyone wants to get a Titan and killing BOTS helps you get closer to your Titan. The game felt so action packed I was constantly killing actual players as well. When you play it you'll understand.

LightofDarkness1586d ago

"When you play it you'll understand." No matter how many times we say it, they'll just keep ignoring it. And I think the reason why is obvious. They don't have a problem with Titanfall, they have a problem with the platform it's available on. Or rather, the one it's NOT available on. So they'll continue to try and pick it apart, probably long after release, constantly quoting the handful of negative reviews it will inevitably receive as truth and feeling compelled to relay their "concerns" in every thread, positive or negative. It's embarrassing to think that this is what the community has boiled down to around here yet again. Some people never learn.

MysticStrummer1586d ago

How interesting that when a person with a positive opinion of Titanfall mentions that killing cannon fodder helps the player get a Titan faster, you didn't correct them.

LightofDarkness1586d ago (Edited 1586d ago )

Context, child. No one ever said that killing AI doesn't help you along, there's nothing to correct in his statement. The suggestion further above was that simply farming AI will allow you to dominate, which is a fallacy. But no, ignore that vital piece of context so you can bask in a faux-gotcha. Go ahead, I'll wait. And while I'm waiting, maybe you could wait until the game is out and then tell me if the AI is game-breaking. I have played it, so have many others, and practically NO ONE has complained about it, only people who haven't played it are decrying it. Now let's put those critical thinking skills to work, shall we?

This is not MS fanboyism or anything like it, I'll be playing this game on PC. I'm merely enthusiastic about a very fun game that I played a few months ago that I KNOW I will enjoy, and seeing people constantly posting FUD and simply false information about it is irksome.

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