Titanfall Beta Xbox One vs PC Video Comparison

Watch a comparison video between the Xbox One and PC version of Titanfall (beta)

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Fireseed1618d ago

I can hardly notice a difference between the two. So much so that I constantly had to check which version was being displayed at the top.

truefan11618d ago (Edited 1618d ago )

Man I agree. Are you freaking kidding me, all the articles I have read today about how terrible and inferior the XB1 version was and this was the comparison. The XB1 version looks just as good, granted we don't know all the facts, but I expected a much larger graphical difference based on what I read from fanboys on this site.

ps4 fanboys can we stop with the desperate slander now. If you want the game and don't want an XB1, that is perfectly fine, but the constant need to down the XB1 is pathetic.

Edit: disagrees let me know I struck a nerve, happy gaming my friends.

JokesOnYou1618d ago (Edited 1618d ago )

No difference really but then again I just have 20/20 not super vision. It's source so don't imagine it would be too hard, hmmmm I've seen a few clear vids now and I actually think the game looks really good on this old engine.

PraxxtorCruel1618d ago (Edited 1618d ago )

Someone with a magnifying glass will tell you there are huge differences and will mock your vision for not picking up on it and will finish off by calling you a fanboy because you didn't notice much of a difference if any at all. So now that both versions graphically look the same at least we can enjoy the game without bickering about the superior version which I know some fanboys get a kick out of :).

LaChance1618d ago

March 11 going to be a terrible terrible day for Playstaton land.

The entire planet is celebrating TitanFall. They are the only ones who are salty.

It's like the biggest party of the year being held, everyone was invited except for you. So all you do is peak through the window ALL NIGHT LONG but keep on repeating "I wouldn't have come if I was invited anyway"

But yet there you are, all night long staring at the party ... It makes no sense but hey that is pretty much what is happening right now ah ha :D

Alex_Boro1618d ago

@LaChance 10 Days later Xbox fans will be crying. Gotta love infamous. Despite that, I think this game looks good, but gets a unreasonable amount of hype.

blackbeld1618d ago (Edited 1618d ago )

Graphics looks terrible on both. I have seen better titanfall videos then this.

I'm pretty sure they montage the pc version to look as 792p.

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Timesplitter141618d ago

I'm very much certain the only differences will be with framerates and resolution.

LackTrue4K1618d ago

I hurd alot of COD players didn't enjoy the fact that they got EZ kills over AI. The main attraction/pull on thiz fast multiplayer type of games is that, getting kills online. Most of the videos i have seen, are lacking large amounts of online kills!

aviator1891618d ago

To be fair, killing the bots in this game awards you with pretty much nothing.

corvusmd1618d ago

I agree that I see no difference, true the video kinda sucked, and when I hit the HD button it kept just going blank. That being said, I have no doubt that a PC version of a game will have the potential to look better than ANY version of a console game. However, it doesn't seem to be enough to make a difference in this case, it looks great on the XB1 as well. I have a PC that can run the game, but I think I still prefer to play it on XB1, it just feels more like a console game...I don't have many friends that play on PC, so that'd get boring. I can see people saying they'd rather play ESO on a PC than a console, but not so much for this game.

HammerKong1617d ago

it looks like devs have tried to keep textures and lighting looks almost same ,yeah resolution use to shine them and present them better ,but people will notice the only when they will try to find the difference when they will compare them in real using magnifieng devices and screenshots and will go to every of its textures ,so now this is a proof there wont be any big huge differences ,but i still think 796p for such agame is not good ,i hope they apply more work to it and take it to 900p or 1080p,i think i must take vince zemala comments to a relief that the final game will have better resolution ,i hope with new update they reach to 1080p or 900p.

Gamer19821617d ago

no word on what settings pc runs at or anything.. On the subject of textures.. Didnt they say Alpha looked so bad because they were compressed? They are not compressed in the BETA thats confirmed already.. They look pretty bad on both PC and Xbox One and certainly look last gen..

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Neoninja1618d ago

They look pretty freaking identical to me. Can't wait to get my hands on this game. It just looks insanely fun, and this is coming from a guy who normally doesn't like fps's!

donnieboy1618d ago

The Xbox One graphics look a tiny bit better. Source 1 wasn't the right engine for this game....

SlapHappyJesus1618d ago

It definitely wouldn't look better on the one.

AutoCad1618d ago

keep in mind that they are upping the resolution before the game come out too.

Majin-vegeta1618d ago

No they aren't it says "IT MAY INCREASE".So it could go either way.

B-radical1618d ago

You'd love for the xbox 1 reso not to go up wouldnt ya! Answer me! Argh!!!!!!!!!

AutoCad1618d ago

Update 18:13 GMT: Respawn has confirmed our '792p' pixel count, and has indicated that a resolution increase is on the cards for the final game.
from eurogamer.

JustPlay41618d ago

It going to 900p upscale to 1080p, they said in a interview

AutoCad1618d ago

which is ok to me as long as the game runs at 60fps.
i prefer framerate better than graphics

moujahed1618d ago

Compressed video comparisons... Pretty shady if you ask me.

Eagles831618d ago

Yeah but then again both video sources would be compressed by the same there still wouldn't be that much of a difference.

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