Microsoft will 'fix' the Xbox One controller at the request of 'Titanfall' developer

Titanfall is the most hotly anticipated Xbox exclusive game right now, and Microsoft is well aware. That's why the company is ironing out the Xbox One's kinks ahead of the game's March 11th release date. You might have heard that Microsoft will make some multiplayer tweaks and add a new headset adapter, but the changes go far deeper than that: Microsoft will also update the Xbox One controller specifically at the request of Titanfall's development team. According to Titanfall design lead Justin Hendry, an upcoming software patch will make the analog sticks more precise than before.

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UltimateMaster1619d ago (Edited 1619d ago )

So the so-called enhanced anti-deadzone, really meant we put in more deadzones.
Maybe Solidrev was right about the deadzone:
Wasn't it 100 Million $ investment in R&D for that controller?

theWB271619d ago (Edited 1619d ago )

"Wasn't it 100 Million $ investment in R&D for that controller?"

Even more money put into the console and it'll receive improvements also. Kind of how things work I believe. Release a product and improve upon it over the years.

"After spending that much money on ANYTHING I'd expect it to be perfection."

Then you're not very bright to believe something like that. There is no such thing as perfection and everything from cellphones to supercomputers and satellites beaming images from lightyears away receive regular updates.

But a measly controller that had a 100 million thrown at it needs to be perfection. Stupid mindset.

DeadManIV1619d ago

After spending that much money on ANYTHING I'd expect it to be perfection.

Str8Chaos741619d ago

I'd settle for it working on my PC.

H0RSE1618d ago


Yeah, well, your "expectations" mean nothing, especially considering you likely have no experience in this field, (engineering, r&d, etc.) and are basing your expectations off nothing but personal opinion.

VENOMACR12271618d ago

I applaud MS for improving the controller even more. It's already the best next-gen controller, now even better. Has Sony put out an update for their controller? I'm sure there is room for improvement on that as well. I don't see the big deal in making something better. You can buy a $100,000 car and get a recall notice to come in and get something fixed. Every product can be upgraded to be better.

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Charybdis1619d ago (Edited 1619d ago )

Deadzones will be increased in the update.

It was too twitchy so they will now make it more precise by making it less precise by increasing the deadzones. Hope it won't feel unresponsive after the controller update.

Too small a dead zone and things feel twitchy(current), too high a dead zone and things feel unresponsive.

H0RSE1618d ago (Edited 1618d ago )

Does this deadzone update apply globally to the x1 controller, or is it title specific?

KingDadXVI1619d ago

Actually he did another video and admitted that the dead zone was due to the lag with his TV. He did not put it into game mode and with some HDTVs if you don't use game mode it causes a perceptible lag in your controller creating the dead zone. I can't find the video now so it must have been taken down.

I personally have no issue with a dead zone on my controllers at all. In fact I found that I had to knock the sensitivity way down compared to my 360 controllers as they were way to twitchy.

SolidRev is pretty funny sometimes but he purposefully makes things a little over dramatic and his tendency to freak out when something does not work the first time is a little foolish. Quite often his problems are that he has not set something up correctly in the first place.

I have watched several of his videos where I wished I could reach through the screen and help him as I knew exactly what he was doing wrong and could have fixed it for him in a couple of seconds.

He kind of reminds me of my 65 year old dad when he gets something new like a smart phone or universal remote. He tries it, it doesn't work, he assumes it is broken or a piece of junk, he gets pissed and curses about engineers being stupid and everything else under the sun, I come over for a visit and he tells me it is junk, I look at it and it works fine for me, then I discover that he does not know how to use it, I show him how to use it, and in the end he thinks it is great.

To sum it up in SolidRev and my father you have a bad combination, no technical skills combined with no patience.

malokevi1619d ago

They are going to improve the controller at the request of a dev... and you're finding things to complain about? ahahaha. Get a job yah bum!

UnholyLight1619d ago

You'd think they'd have made sticks that feel like the PS4's...Oh my god those things are heaven. Long play sessions with sandpaper covered sticks (X1) is terrible

tagan8tr1618d ago

So the Xb1 controller has problems, anyone keeping score here?

VENOMACR12271618d ago

Triggers falling off, thats a problem. Thumbsticks flaking off, thats a problem. Buttons malfunctioning, thats a problem. Improving the dead zones of a wireless controller to make the FPS genre better on X1? Not a problem. How is making something better a bad thing/problem? When the 360's had the RROD, that was a problem.

tagan8tr1617d ago

@VENOMACR1227 Developers telling you your controller isn't up to their standards and needs work that's a problem.

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XiSasukeUchiha1619d ago (Edited 1619d ago )

So confirms deadzones while they enhance it for anti-deadzone!

Timesplitter141619d ago (Edited 1619d ago )

"Titanfall is the most hotly anticipated Xbox exclusive"

funny how people still refer to Titanfall as an exclusive

Timesplitter141619d ago

yeah but I don't buy microsofts, I buy systems

Jdoki1619d ago

I wish there was a down bubble for 'Stupid'

Are we seriously playing 'manufacturer' exclusives again. It's one of the dumbest arguments around.

The simple test of whether a game is exclusive or not is 'Can I play this on more than one platform'... Yes? Then it's multiplat.

SpiralTear1619d ago

Yeah, it's hard for me to take this seriously as some big Xbox One system seller if the PC version is standing right next to it.

360 version's incoming too.

Gamer6661619d ago (Edited 1619d ago )

Exclusivity is more a statement of competitive exclusion than it is about exclusivity to a single platform.

Meaning it is more important which platforms it does not ship on than it is about which ones it does ship on.

If you want to play a game, but don't own the platform that it is on, that is a deal breaker that may compel you to buy the other platform. Or you have to accept that you may never get to play that game on your platforms.

It becomes a system seller when people buy your platform just to play a specific game. MS does not care whether you buy Windows or XB. They want you to buy an MS platform. Same with Sony and Nintendo.

Timesplitter141619d ago (Edited 1619d ago )


What matters about exclusivity is whether you can play it on the platform you decided to buy. That's it. I bought a PC so I'm gonna get Titanfall for it, and so will many other people. No need to get an X1, therefore not exclusive.

Whether MS or Sony gets the money in the end holds zero importance to consumers. Think about it : when people use the term "MS exclusive", they're really saying that what they care about is the companies, not whether or not they can play the game on their platform. It's like they don't even want to pretend they're not fanboys anymore.

LexHazard791619d ago

Exclusive to Xbox consoles and PC! You cant play it on Mac, WiiU or PS, so what would you call it?

Timesplitter141619d ago

I would call it multiplat since it's on multiple platforms. Not just Xbox

sAVAge_bEaST1618d ago

It's a "Microsclusive" - money speak.

LexHazard791618d ago (Edited 1618d ago )

Its exclusive to xbox consoles! I dont own a gaming rig! And from all indication on this site PC gamers dont seem to count! I know its hard for you and your PS goons to understand. Also with all the shit your talking makes you look petty like your mad your not playing it! Don't get upset just wait til it comes out on your PS3 by then we probably wont want to play it anymore!

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AutoCad1619d ago

didnt know they can do only if they allowed me to use my csr wheel on forza lol

objdadon1619d ago

Yeah! That's what I need! I invested all that cash into a wheel I can't use! On topic though, I bought xbox one last week because of Titanfall only. I have my ps4 and I play a lot of playstation exclusives. However I don't play gears, halo or a lot of Microsoft exclusives. So my purchase was for one game, Titanfall. Well from looking at gameplay today I'm starting to regret my purchase a bit. The ai are killing it for me and although I'm a cod fan, the ghosts installment has me growing tired of cod. But that being said, cod is competitive player vs player. I kind of enjoy forza but wish I could use my wheel.

AutoCad1619d ago

i dont think the ai matters on this game as much people think.first of all the ai doesnt go for objectives it basically comes down to the 12 people on the map to win or lose.also,they keep track of bot kills titan kills and pilot kills so as far as stats go i wouldnt worry bout that.

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