Titanfall makes the FPS exciting again, and might surpass Microsoft’s expectations | Post Arcade

To say Microsoft Corp. has a lot riding on Titanfall would be something of an understatement.

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UltimateMaster1434d ago

It's 792p resolution compared to 720p on the Xbox 360.
It has no single player campaign.
It does not runs on Source engine 2.0. (Modified Source Engine for TF)
It also comes out on PC and Xbox 360. Better off getting the PC or 360 version, there isn't much of difference.
PC gets better resolution and graphics.
Xbox 360 has better online experience.

DoubleM701434d ago


No_Limit1434d ago


You forgot it add "I'll wait for the superior PS4 version". Oh wait!! :-)

pat_11_51433d ago

To that sir, I simply say this.

Also, I've never been interested in PC games, especially first person shooters. People can talk about how accurate a mouse and keyboard is all day, but it'll never feel as natural as a game pad to me.

wotta1434d ago

Someone is getting a little carried away me thinks.

jjb19811434d ago

I am getting carried away. I keep checking my email for beta invite

AutoCad1434d ago

same here,i cannot wait to get my hands on this again

FITgamer1434d ago

I've been checking mine every hour since i've been awake lol.

Riderz13371434d ago (Edited 1434d ago )

Why are you checking your email now lol? They said they will send out beta invites on Feb 14...You're wasting your time...The earliest you'll get an invite is Feb 14, latest will be Feb 17.

Edit - What are you talking about Fitgamer?

" If you have been selected you will be emailed directly by EA with instructions on how to access the game no later than 11:59 PM PST on Feb 17th."

That is from the official Titanfall website...Beta invites get sent out Feb 14, no later than Feb 17.

FITgamer1434d ago (Edited 1434d ago )

Could be anytime considering the beta has been confirmed to start on the Feb 14. http://www.computerandvideo...

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pat_11_51433d ago

Me too! I should have guaranteed access because I'm press, but who knows when it comes to EA.

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Lucreto1434d ago

Seriously what am I missing?

I have watched all the alpha videos, I watch all the other media about the game and I don't see why people are so hyped.

UnHoly_One1434d ago

Everyone likes different types of games, you know?

I don't understand what people see in DotA, but that doesn't mean everyone else is wrong, it just isn't for me.

Jdoki1434d ago

I'm intrigued by it, but I agree with you, I don't really see why there's so much hype.

Looking at it objectively... It's made by the creative minds who were responsible for CoD - which has been going downhill since CoD 4.

It's an unknown and unquantified new IP.

Will it really exploit the potential of XB1 / PC when it is also being developed for 360.

6v6 with AI bots... Not sure about that. Probably fine, depending on map design, but who knows.

Hope it's good, but I'm far more interested in Destiny.

pat_11_51433d ago

I think you sort of have to play it to understand what makes it different. The free running really does change everything.

Lucreto1433d ago

I didn't play it but a friend did and there are already experts out there. He got pinned down by the other team and he kept getting killed with headshots while up in the air with a sniper rifle.

He compared it to clay pigeon shooting.

XiSasukeUchiha1434d ago

792p at 60fps only on Xbox ONE

Riderz13371434d ago

Wtf are you sure? I've never heard of a game running at such an odd resolution...792P...

pat_11_51433d ago

I think Ryse runs at a really weird resolution too. To me, they're always just numbers, I rarely notice the difference.

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