Titanfall Preview – London Hands On Event (ThisisXbox)

ThisisXbox: "TiX was kindly invited to a very exclusive hands on preview event at a secret location in London for Titanfall held by Respawn Entertainment and Xbox UK. This was the first chance since playing the demo at Eurogamer Expo last September, to get real hands on with the beta version of Titanfall on Xbox One, and actually given the chance to record our gameplay to share with our readers."

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christocolus1619d ago

"Titanfall will change how FPS games will be developed and played going forward. The FPS genre needed a huge kick up the butt to wake it up for the same old stuff often viewed by thousands as simply the same game just reskinned and released and Titanfall drops and gives it a big old robot punch to the face. On March 14th Titanfall will land on Xbox One and on PC but after seeing and playing it on Xbox One, that is the definitive version of the game for me."


jasona19801619d ago

I so can not wait for this.... very excited about its release!!!!!! Just a month to go!!!