Pixelitis Picks: Most awkward videogame dates

"Love is weird. As humans are wont to do, we yearn for the affection of those around us and we put ourselves out there for the sake of finding “that special someone.”

As such, it’s only inevitable that the dreaded “awkward first date” will creep up from time to time. Whether you’ve watched it from the comfort of your restaurant table or you languished through a weird evening with a prospective mate, it’s always cringe-worthy.

Believe it or not, videogames have also delved into this deadliest of social minefields, letting us play through a myriad of awkward dates. Not unlike their real life counterparts, sometimes we watch and cringe, while other times we’re smack dab in the thick of it.

With Valentine’s Day approaching this Friday and an inevitable tide of romantic outings on the horizon, we thought it’d be appropriate to chronicle our favorite misadventures in the tragically awkward realm of videogame dates. Join us as we look for love in all the wrong places." - Pixelitis Staff

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