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Whisper it, but this could - could - be the long-awaited game that finally knocks Call of Duty off the top of the first-person shooter tree. That Activision's behemoth has managed to shift millions upon millions of copies every year despite sticking to the same tired old formula is a resounding success story, but every story has to come to an end sometime. Titanfall could be that end.

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Ra30301529d ago

Wow ....another in a long line of paid for hype by Microsoft to make this game more than it is or will be. Anyone ever ask why you never hear anything about the xbox 360 version of this game? No...well I will tell you why. Because Microsoft wants all the attention on the X1. Now there's nothing wrong with that but it exposes the truth about the hype and when I say hype I mean paid for hype by Microsoft. "If" Titanfall is as great as Microsoft tells us it will be then it would be just as great on the xbox 360. Yet the only news about Titanfall xbox 360 version is that it will be delayed 2 weeks to drive X1 sales. At some point this game will be released and the people that buy it will not be paid to say nice things about this game. Now of course many, many will love it and I'm sure it'll be a great game and if it is I will get it for the xbox 360 as I'm not getting a X1. But many, many that get it will not like it because it's not their kind of game. Everyone is not a "Dudebro" kind of gamer but they will get it based on all the hype. One other thing if Titanfall really was as good as the hype the pre-orders would be way above the 500,000'ish that they stand at now. I find it funny that the pre-orders for Titanfall don't meet the paid for pre-launch hype of what we are told will be the game that dethrones Call of Duty as THE GAME. Lol

jgrigs091529d ago

Um okay. Keep dreaming fan boy

pierce1528d ago

The 360 and Xbox One versions are being made by different studios, so the press generally hasn't had access to the last-gen Titanfall. The guys at Respawn assure me that all the content remains the same in both versions, but until we play it for ourselves there's no way for us to tell whether it's any good or not.

NegativeCreep4271529d ago

*Looks at Headline*

Only someone who hasn't actually had any real fun with their cloths off would make such a statement.