Titanfall Hands-On Preview – Stop Worrying About 6v6, This Game is a Blast | COG

Friend of COG Blaine Kyllo spends some time in LA at a Titanfall preview event and tells us all about his hands-on time with the game. He wasn't disappointed.

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christocolus1621d ago (Edited 1621d ago )

i knew it would.

day one for me.

DeathOfTheFanBoy1621d ago (Edited 1621d ago )

Lols at all the silent disagree's, I'll just leave it there.

Hope I get a beta key, I got out of bed at 1.30am to sign up last night (UK)

If I don't get in, still have my pre-order so day one XB1

christocolus1621d ago

@deathofthefanboy and sweetdangos

lol. i couldnt care less even if i had 2000 disagrees, what matters is the fact im getting the game and none of those disagrees can change that.

SweetDangos1621d ago

How do you have 10 dislikes lol? Sony fanboys are mad af today.

strifeblade1621d ago

but its 6v6 720p? not nextgen...

Sorry guys im a sony fanboy and am insanely jealous of this game being an x1 exclusive and am trying to say anything that justifies this game as being crap by throwing around needless specs as if though they speak for the final quality of the game. I pretend that when i play games i only care about fps and resolution and brag about resogun becuase i have nothing else to brag about. I buy all multiplats on ps4 because its superior and i also have a high end pc which is... nevermind. Dont mind me i will be leaving with my head down in shame.

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PraxxtorCruel1621d ago

Only those that can't actually play the game.

Septic1621d ago

Precisely this x 1 million

WeAreLegion1621d ago

There are people who can't play the game?

Riderz13371621d ago

With the PC req that this game has, virtually everyone that has a Laptop/desktop from 2009+ will be able to play this game.

WeAreLegion1621d ago

@Riderz - That's exactly what I'm getting at. Most human beings own some form of computer. An off the shelf laptop or desktop can run this on minimum, I'm sure. And they can even play it only for FREE with Steam.

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ricochetmg1621d ago

since it is on 360 i can see 1 million but that is not a lot of games these days.

B-radical1621d ago (Edited 1621d ago )

Only people who believed the cboat and thuway rumour of the alpha texture being final game....oh how wrong they were


watch alpha footage then watch the 60fps digital foundry video. Im not talking about cod at all just comparing alpha to beta

Utalkin2me1621d ago

Have you seen the final build of what they are showing? Looks pretty much the same. Honestly it looks exactly like the COD engine

truefan11621d ago

Well I don't think it was xbox players. Halo 4v4 or 5v5 unless big team and GOW 4v4.

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Godz Kastro1621d ago

Has anyone gotten beta keys yet? Have they began distributing them?

WeAreLegion1621d ago

Not until the 14th. Fingers crossed!

AutoCad1621d ago

umm i knew this the moment when i started playing the alpha.only people who are worried,well you know who they are.

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