Titanfall: can Respawn convince millions to upgrade to Xbox One? - VG247 Xbox One preview

It may be available on PC and Xbox 360, but after hands-on time with Titanfall, Stace Harman asks if this Microsoft-exclusive FPS can push gamers towards a brand new console.

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Rig_Master1468d ago

The Xbox One is running a graphically downgraded version of a game that anyone with decent PC can play. Who the hell would think that that would cause people to rush out and spend 500 dollars on a Xbox One?

GiantEnemyCrab1468d ago

You seem to have a lot more info than anyone. Please link us to this graphically downgraded nonsense your spouting.

pompombrum1468d ago

Every single game that's out on Xbox One that is also out on PC? Just go on youtube and search for graphical comparisons.

Unreal011468d ago

If history has taught us something then it will obviously be a graphically downgraded version from the PC version, as is the case with 98% of games?

thezeldadoth1468d ago

all console games are downgraded graphically from their PC counterparts

afterMoth1468d ago

Is that why the 360 version is delayed?

360 = 720p?
Xbox one = 792p

imt5581468d ago (Edited 1468d ago )

There is barely graphics differences between alpha and beta version of TitanFall for Xbone. And i'm sure that X360 version is pretty much the same like Xbone version. So, wait for 2 weeks and buy X360 version for 60$. Why pay 560$.

Same building, same floor, just different sides on that floor :

alpha :


beta :


raWfodog1468d ago

Well isn't it pretty much guarnateed that any games available on both PCs and consoles is going to look better on the PC?

Maybe you're just being defensive because he said 'graphically downgraded' instead of just saying 'won't look as good'.

jimbobwahey1468d ago


You can see information about the graphical downgrade on Digital Foundry where they talk about the game being 792p on Xbox One, as well as how the game struggles to maintain 60fps.

Meanwhile the PC version will be able to run at 1080p (and higher) with framerates of 60fps and above. Thanks to the game running on a modified version of the Source Engine, it won't require a powerful PC to run either, as the recommended specs released by EA confirm.

Xbox One version of Titanfall is for chumps :)

truefan11468d ago (Edited 1468d ago )

Here we go again. If all these so called people had gaming PC's why would you ever play multiplats on consoles. This is how I know all this talking is a facade. Battlefield 4, AC Black Flag, COD Ghosts, need for Speed Rivals, Injustice, Thief, Dark Souls 2, Watch Dogs, the Divison, Dying Light.... These are some big games that are or will be on ps4, XB1, and PC. I don't think I have heard one person say how they will be getting one of these games "on pc" other than to slight XB1 with Titanfall. I guess all this time gamers have been happy playing the "inferior version," . As I have said plenty of times, I always get a good laugh at the hypocrisy. I was a big PC gamer in the early 2000's with TFC, CS, AoE, Wolfenstein, Day of Defeat, Medal of Honor, Battlefield 1942....Those days are gone there is not even close to as many PC gamers now as there was in those days, because that was the place to be for online gaming. Consoles basically took over that market, because of convenience and price. Yea there are 70+ million steam accounts, but how many are active accounts. I have 3 accounts and haven't logged in since probably 2004, my brother same thing. Xbox Live will be where the majority of players play Titanfall, whether these "so called" pc gamers like it or not. By the way pc gamers today play games like League of legends, there is no game in the atmosphere of Half Life for PC and hasn't been for 10 years.

What is so funny is more ps4 fans would tell you why they didn't get an XB1, more than they would tell you why they got a ps4. Basically they admit time and time again, MSFT pushed them to ps4 because of the E3 policies. All that tells me is that you need this site to justify your purchase. More proof look at the attached article, I specifically called out ps4 fanboys to compare games and only 1 guy responded with a bunch of games I never heard of. Yes ps4 is more powerful, but XB1 has better games, ACCEPT IT. Standby for Titanfall.

Pogmathoin1468d ago

Thats awesome Jimbo.... Will not have to upgrade my PC till next year then..... I am stoked over that....

Ra30301467d ago

Wow...TRUEFAN1 your right for once. Most will play it on XBL on the xbox 360. After all why would anyone pay close to $600 to play it when they can pay $65 if they have the 360 like myself. And if they don't have the 360 then they'll go the PC version or not play it at all. Very few will spend the close to $600 for the fun. If they don't the 360 then most likely they have a PS4 and will be more than happy to wait for TF2.

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Audiggity1468d ago (Edited 1468d ago )

I'm sitting pretty with a serious GPU and I was* originally planning on getting this for PC.

Here's the issue. Friends.

WAY more people play consoles than PC games... do I wish this was the opposite? Yes!

But, I have 2 friends that keep up w/ their PC hardware and 6-7 that already jumped to Xbox One.

Even with the temptation to run TF @ 1440 resolution; I may be one of the "converted" Xbox One owners in the very near future.

@ BabyObama is 100% btw, packing it w/ the Kinect is silly. It's to make an extra $30 profit on the machine and cover the console's cost. Microsoft seems to forget that they "took a loss" for a year or two on the 360, they are making a profit on the Xbox One as of Day 1. This was done specifically to get a foot hold and grow users against PS3... they forgot their roots and got a little greedy with the X1 this generation.

Seems a bit contradictory given the PS4's power and reduced price. But... we are a very "herd-like" industry. And my herd has chosen the Xbox One.

kraenk121468d ago

Atm it seems the rest of the world is turning to PS4 though. Twice the sales per week. 4! times the sales in Europe. Curious if Titanfall will change anything about that situation.

qu1ckset1468d ago Show
qu1ckset1468d ago

@kraenk12 if Microsoft wanted Titanfall to actually move XBO units off the shelve , the PC and 360 version should not exist!

andrewsqual1468d ago

You know 6 to 7 people with Xbox Ones? Wow.

Audiggity1468d ago

@kraenk12... your comment seems extreme. "The rest of the world is turning to PS4" Really? Is that why numerous devs are starting to come out and state a preference for Xbox One?

I'm not looking for a console war. You missed the point. If my friends were buying PS4's, so would I. But, they aren't.

@ qu1ckset... again, WTF is up with the insta-console war? You are also making absurd generalizations. So, because YOU don't know anyone with a particular console, that indicates that NO ONE buys it? What? I said Xbox One, not Wii U!

I agree with some of your points however in terms of how MS should change the XBO. Future reference, I'd suggest dropping the M$ moniker, as they make an incredibly small amount on the Xbox.

BTW, there's a nifty little thing called the INTERNETS where you can do research to realize just how wrong your generalizations are: http://www.playstationlifes...


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JsonHenry1468d ago

No way am I getting and X1 for this game. Not when I already have 3 PCs in my house that will be able to play it above what the X1 will be able to play the games at.

Rimeskeem1468d ago

the title says upgrade to....... upgrade?

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NatureOfLogic1468d ago

Is that the goal? Last gen looking COD ripoff. I don't think so.

Audiggity1468d ago

Dude, COD Ghosts is a last gen COD ripoff.

At least Titanfall is doing something different.


Rimeskeem1468d ago

parkour and mechs

not to be saying that not innovative but if you really think about it its not to much change

Audiggity1468d ago


True. It's nothing wildly different... but, within the FPS genre Titanfall is like comparing Half Life to Pong. FPS has been STALE for a long time.

That being said, Evolve and Destiny could really shake things up on a much larger scale.

XiSasukeUchiha1468d ago

No thanks I'm going to get this game on PC bro!

GDDR6_20141468d ago

Sony fanboys suddenly have PCs to play multi platform games lol

LexRex1468d ago (Edited 1468d ago )

I think anyone with half a decent laptop can run any source game at ultra with AA and aniso, with hdr and 60-120fps. Hell even 1.0 was optimized as hell 10 years ago.

Drekken1468d ago

I built a nice computer that can run any game, especially Source engine games at 1080p. It really isn't expensive to do it. What are you going on about? Are you jealous Sony fans have money left over from their console purchase to put towards a PC or are you calling people liars?

Either way Titanfall looks like dookie compared to most games releasing lately. If that is the best the XBO has to offer until Christmas it is going to be a long year for Microsoft.

Unreal011468d ago


That made me laugh a bit. However, it does go to show though how many people want to avoid getting an Xbox One. You know what's also really weird, none of my friends even know about Titanfall, maybe it's just internet hype? I'm pretty sure MS will start advertising this like crazy soon though.

kraenk121468d ago

Or they rename it to Call Of Duty Mech Attack at the last second before launch.

WeedyOne1468d ago (Edited 1468d ago )

Suddenly? Iv had a gaming PC's for as long as i can remember!

Playstation / PC is the way to go! You get all the bad ass Playstation Exlusives and you get to play the definitive version of multi-platform games and some "microsoft exclusives" such as Titanfall on PC.

The only xbox games i cant really play on PC are Forza, Halo, Fable and Gears and those few games arent enough to convince me to buy an xbox. Well except Halo and Fable but I havent really enjoyed a Halo game since Halo 3 and i hated all Fables after the 1st one.

I would buy an xboxone for an hd remake of Halo 2 though... if multiplayer was untouched and in tact.

thezeldadoth1468d ago

Wii U + PC is the way to go.

WeedyOne1468d ago (Edited 1468d ago )


Yeah that would be an winning combo too if you like Nintendo exclusives more than Playstation exclusives.

Apparently there are a lot on Nintendo haters here judging by all the disagree's. Iv always loved Nintendo just didnt dig the whole motion gaming thing they had with the Wii. The Wii U seems interesting though and i may buy it one day of these days. Super Smash Brothers and Mario Kart are always a blast!

cyclindk1468d ago

Think most everybody has a PC these days, even grandma...

I wouldn't get the PC version unless they actually catered to the community specifically, pushed texture resolutions through the rough, higher poly models and environments, better visual effects, the usual stuff.

I have a feeling they will omit most of those improvements though so as not to diminish the reception of the X1 version.

darx1468d ago

Everybody? I think not.

cyclindk1468d ago


see that itty biddy word right there? "most"

makes a bit of a difference, so in essence, your statement is correct... but based on, essentially, no part of MY statement as your omission of the differentiating term renders the reply to my opinion....

well you get the picture

darx1468d ago

You must have meant almost.

Thatlalala1468d ago

No, I'll play it on my 360, then wait a year for and a half for a sequel.

MasterCornholio1468d ago

For the same price as an Xbox One I'm building a PC that can play games like Titanfall maxed out st 1080P at 60FPS.

MysticStrummer1468d ago

It doesn't take much of a PC to run Titanfall, so yeah there are lots of them around.

GDDR6_20141468d ago

@replies above

I was calling out the Sony fanboys that would bash PCs in other threads now suddenly have PCs to play Titanfall, where did their PCs go in multi plat games that are on both PC/PS4?

HaveAsandwich1468d ago

no, but they'll do anything to avoid the xb1, at this point.

Audiggity1468d ago

Nice! I was thinking the same thing... hilarious, for years the Sony fanboys would label PC gamers as "elitists".

Now, with Titanfall, they are scrambling to build their gaming rigs to maintain console allegiance.

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staticdash221468d ago

I'm playing on dat PC, so nah.