Titanfall - Don't Fall For The Hype

NowGamer: "Last week I had the chance to play Titanfall at an EA press event, giving me early access to the incoming beta with a bunch of other media outlets.

It was an important moment for me – I hadn’t played Titanfall before and heard nothing but praise for Respawn’s robot basher. Finally I’d get to find out just how great it was.

To say Titanfall has been hyped beyond repair is a bit of an overstatement; Microsoft’s Xbox One is seemingly reliant on the success of this shooter and everyone and their mum seem to be eagerly anticipating it."

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Septic1282d ago (Edited 1282d ago )

Well NowGamer seem to be the exception here. Most people who have played the game have loved it.

The question is, who do you chose to believe?

christocolus1282d ago (Edited 1282d ago )

he is like the first person to say this about the game but aint bothered one bit its his opinion and everyone is entitled to theirs, as for me im getting it day one. infact most of my friends are geting it too.

I had fun playing gears, halo and cod for many years so i doubt ill easily grow tired of this too.

Riderz13371282d ago

I choose to believe no one. Will wait to play it myself before I judge.

ABizzel11282d ago


To be honest this is how I felt about the game as well. I don't think anyone would say it's a bad game, especially those who like(d) COD. The thing with me is it seemed like an evolution to COD, and I never liked COD to begin with.

I'm much more interested in TitanFall than any of the CODs simply because I enjoyed Vanquish/Warhawk and the nimble mechanics of the Pilots are appealing to me, and even the Titans.

TitanFall has the potential to be like Left 4 Dead for me. I would never say Left 4 Dead is an amazing GOTY deserving game EPIC. But it's one of my most played games of the last generation, and it's greatest strength is nailing pure FUN. If TitanFall can do the same then I'm on board. Games don't always have to be Epic's, because Fun is just as important.

That being said the overhype of people treating it as if it was the second coming and holy grail of the FPS was just too much. Each time I've seen it the hype for me was "it looks like it's fun to play, but I'm not seeing the OMFG this is the greatest thing ever levels of hype people are giving it."

If it can give me my L4D fix, then it's a success in my eyes, but the overhype I have to agree with NowGamer, it's just too much. But I guess it's easy to happen since there are millions of gamers who do love COD, and this is the next best thing for them.

B-radical1282d ago

Lol you tell basically the truth and get disagrees I LOVE THIS SITE!

Funny there's barely any interest in the positive articles.

Septic1282d ago

"The thing with me is it seemed like an evolution to COD,"

That's really what it is though. It is essentially the best COD game since Modern Warfare 2.

It's easy to say, "oh lol its cod with mechs" but this is the evolution from the last two great COD games before the series went to s*** after Infinity Ward's departure.

Not having Titanfall on your console of choice is like not having Call of Duty: Modern Warfare on it. It's a big deal. People know it but downplay it for obvious reasons (look at the disagrees for proof).

Insomnia_841282d ago

Ppl should start asking for 360 footage.

That would be interesting.


gaffyh1282d ago

The problem is, all of this stuff is second hand info. I don't believe any of these game sites for a second because I know they will overhype because they like the Devs, or they enjoyed COD too much. I need to play it to see if it's any good really, but gameplay demos should help.

insomnium21282d ago


"I had fun playing gears, halo and cod for many years so i doubt ill easily grow tired of this too. "

LOL X360 was your only console then? I feal sorry for you but at the same time I feel like pointing and laughing. So many choises......

Utalkin2me1282d ago


Not everyone is a COD sheep as you seem to be or think. And honestly the only good and new Cod there ever was COD4. Everything after that was just meh and felt meh. And actually IW is the reason why COD is the way it is today. They went over the top in MW2, MW2 was basically COD4 but they just added so much to it which actually ruined the game in alot of aspects.

BTW, you new you was gonna get disagrees. Thats why you made the last comment. Cause what you say is false.

DigitalHope1282d ago

The writer said he really enjoyed the game and it's a great game, but it's being pitched as something we've never seen before when it's not.

He's saying it's a great game and that you should buy it and play it, but don't let the hype fool you, because that same hype could kill the experience for you when your expecting something else.

KingDadXVI1282d ago (Edited 1282d ago )

I would not bother wasting my breath on the fan boys. You cannot speak logic to them, trying to go at it from an unbiased opinion makes zero difference to them either. If the author of this article doesn't like the game then that is really his issue. Whether he genuinely did not find it to be great or he is looking for hits to his article makes zero difference to those of us who are going to play and enjoy this game.

Bottom line they can't play it on their console and they are bitter, simple as that.

I have 3 kids and it is no different than convincing them that something is good for them. Doesn't matter whether it is logical or not. You can argue until you are blue in the face and it won't make a lick of difference.

The only thing that they are looking for is attention and the best thing that anyone can do is to walk away and say fine have it your way. I will enjoy the benefits of the game and you can stew in your juices.

Either way they are not going to get to play it on their console of choice while you and I and many others will. It will be Epic, while they wait for "Greatness to Arrive" we will be experiencing Sheer Unadulterated Fun. Which is the reason everyone bought consoles right?

If it is any consolation I generally enjoy it after some time has passed and it finally sinks into them that they are missing something purely because of their personal attitude.

Prepare for TitanFall Septic, it is almost here and it will be Epic.

VENOMACR12271282d ago

Not everyone is going to love the game. TitanFall is no exception. Just because the game has been hyped up and drooled over doesn't mean it will be perfect for everyone. Don't get me wrong, I am buying it day one and I can't wait for it, I'm hoping its awesome. But some people won't like it, thats fine too. My suggestion, try it out and play it, then decide.

Visiblemarc1282d ago

The sentiment that the game is over-hyped can't be questioned. I've been saying this for ages.

It's verrrrry hard to live up to this level of hype. They might be putting too much pressure on a promising new property.

This is what happens when Microsoft answers every single question for the past six months by saying "Titanfall."

harrisk9541282d ago

From the article:

"Overall, Titanfall is a great game.

But it’s not exactly the innovative experience many are pitching it as. I’ll admit that I went into it expecting little more than Call Of Duty with mechs, and by and large that’s what it feels like.

Complain all you like about the ‘last-gen’ 6v6 arenas – that was a non-issue from the start – but it’s hard to overlook the similarities between Titanfall and Respawn’s heritage title Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare.

‘Ludicrous’, you might think, ‘how can an FPS with huge, lumbering robots feel like twitch-shooter Call Of Duty?’

Well, quite easily actually...

It’s just that Titanfall for as long as it’s been known has been pitched as a ‘totally new’ experience. It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what is new here, though.

Is it the mechs? If so, fair enough as a concept having tiny people in the same match against giant robots is novel enough, but it doesn’t feel new when playing it."

its_JEFF1282d ago (Edited 1282d ago )


He never said that he didn't love it. He actually said the opposite, he had great time with it and had lots of fun.

I think the author is just tired of COD "style" games. He made the comment that TF's gameplay is very similar to COD, nothing really that new.

I haven't played an FPS game for about a month or so, before that a year and before that 2 yrs. I picked up a PS4 and I was excited to pick up BF4. I played for 2 weeks, it was FUN, 64 players felt new, next-gen graphics were awesome... but after those 2 weeks the novelty wore off and I remembered why I don't play those types of games anymore, but that's just me.

TF looks like a ton of FUN, as does COD games. But they're just not for me anymore.

hellzsupernova1282d ago

i feel like you cannot believe anybody on the interent now, with the machinima debarkle, maybe microsoft said you cannot say anyhting negative only positive? and since it is going to be such a large game and because it attracks so many views and hits and comments it would be in the websites best interest to post something about titanfall.

dedicatedtogamers1282d ago

To be honest, it's better to not believe the hype and be pleasantly surprised than to believe it and be disappointed.

I'm super hyped for the PS4 and yet I still don't own one (I have, however, played it quite a bit) because I want to have a few more games available.

Titanfall looks okay. Not the Second Coming, but it looks okay. I might end up really liking it.

Thing is, I'm getting it on PC, so - worst case scenario - I'm out $60 if it doesn't live up to the hype.

But buying a console just for this game? You're out $560. Not really worth buying into the hype.

Ashby_JC1282d ago

I read what he had to say. HE feels the game is good to great but he was expecting more (even though he was playing a limited bets lol)

I respect his opinion. THe world would suck if everyone universally liked the same things.

Outside_ofthe_Box1282d ago (Edited 1282d ago )


That quote confirms the concerns I had after seeing some alpha footage. It's CoD with mechs, LITERALLY. I actually use to argue against that claim because I thought people were saying that just because Respawn was comprised of former CoD devs.

But the gunplay for this game is literally 1 to 1 with Call Duty. I hate CoD's gunplay. I hate it. I'm in the minority here though seeing as CoD sells millions every year. So it's not like Titanfall having CoD's gunplay is going to turn people off seeing as a lot people like it to begin with.

CoD players are going to have a field day with Titanfall. They will have no trouble transitioning to this game. Only thing they have to adjust to is the enhanced vertical gameplay thanks to the jetpacks and of course the mechs. This might be the game where CoD players play for a bit and actually stay playing it, instead of like the past where they would play a highly anticipated shooter for a bit and then quickly go back to playing CoD because they don't like the gameplay of the new shooter.

I really wish Titanfall's guns didn't handle like Call of Duty though.

Bigpappy1282d ago

I understand why people would like to quail some of the hype, but this article can't do that. It is strong opinion of it not being innovative enough and the gameplay feeling too much like COD.

There is no suggestion of what could have been added or what his expectations were.

It just sounds to me like someone who played 3hrs of beta and realize that in this FPS you get to shoot and kill stuff just like ALL OTHER FPS before it, so he is disappointed. I would like to ask him in a public forum like this: what exactly was he expecting? Because I am completely lost on what point he was trying to make, except to say the game is to hyped for a FPS that does not completely change the formula.

kraenk121282d ago (Edited 1282d ago )

@ ABizzl1

If you liked L4D you should better check out the new game by the same developer they just revealed. It is called 'Evolve' and looks much more exciting and innovative than Titanfall to me. Titanfall really is just a glorified COD with a mech bonus round.

cell9891282d ago

its not that game is bad, its just that maybe it is a little overhyped

Pro Racer1282d ago (Edited 1282d ago )

I agree that Titanfall is overhyped and I'm glad someone finally said it - well done Now Gamer. I'm waiting to try out the beta, but I expect that I will feel the same after playing it as I do now.

Withdreday1282d ago

It honestly seems like the type of game that people will play for an hour or two and then realize it's just CoD with a bunch of mechs.

I truly feel sorry for anyone who buys an entire system just for this game.

It's all hype.

TheGreatAndPowerful1282d ago

WhiteBoy7thst is not really feeling the gameplay either..wants AI bots removed and for them to add killstreaks. lol

SITH1282d ago

This article is a joke. The game is nothing like call of duty. And I have played every call of duty game ever made and released.

avengers19781282d ago

His opinion is that TitanFall is a great game, but doesn't live up to the hype as this huge "new" experience. His view is that the game is great just not genre changing/defining.

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DOS_Gamer1282d ago

No surprise indeed.

Microsoft is obviously desperate to find a Halo replacement and is throwing massive amounts of money at getting the press to hype it.

4logpc1282d ago

Halo replacement? What are you even talking about?

Septic1282d ago (Edited 1282d ago )

"Microsoft is obviously desperate to find a Halo replacement "

What? Titanfall is a third party game and Halo still exists. Where's the desperation?

All this nonsense about throwing money to hype the game is rubbish. They bought all those awards at E3 did they??

The desperation seems to be on the part of a few users with agendas trying to paint this game in a bad light just because it's not on their platform of choice. Simple as that.

No_Limit1282d ago


smh..that is all.