‘Titanfall’ Hands-On Preview: The Next Great Evolution of Multiplayer?

Game Rant gets hands-on with the 'Titanfall' beta to find out whether Respawn Entertainment's multiplayer-only title is worth the hype.

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THEHardcoreGamer1619d ago (Edited 1619d ago )

Next great evolution of multiplayer... Really? It's not going to be anything huge. It's going to be a flop. Mark my words on this.

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nategrigs1619d ago

Sorta depends on how you define flop.

Are you saying that it won't sell well, or that it won't be very good?

Thatguy-3101619d ago

I don't think it's going to flop but it won't be the juggernaut of a franchise that they are making it seem like it's going to be.

Crystallis1619d ago

nothing about it is revolutionary, but a flop? I doubt it.

Dlacy13g1619d ago

@THEHardcoreGamer have your opinion. Comparatively it appears every game news outlet who has played this at the preview came away quite happy and giving it lots of praise. Hard to see "flop" when everyone is saying "its great".

-Foxtrot1619d ago (Edited 1619d ago )

I agree that people are overhyping this, I mean the next evoloution of multiplayer when all it's really added is mechs, wall running and jetboosters, things from other online games.

However I doubt it's going to be a flop, it's also highly unlikely journalists are going to give this game a score anything under an 8 when they've hyped this up since day one.

Adding new features to a multiplayer to make it fresh...yes

MysticStrummer1619d ago

I seriously doubt it will flop, but it's no "great evolution of multiplayer" either unless there's lots of info yet to be revealed. So far it looks like a sci fi CoD with AI.

THEHardcoreGamer1619d ago

Ok, let's clear this up: There's so much hype around this game it's ridiculous. It's going to be good but it's stupid to call this "The next great revolution of multiplayer". Why? It's just fast-paced run and gun. What is so revolutionary about it? There's nothing that implies this game is trying something new and innovative.

Okay, I admit it. Maybe I shouldn't have used the word 'flop'. Not living up to the expectations would've been better. I stand corrected though.

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Fireseed1619d ago

I'll be quoting you on this come launch day.

brich2331619d ago

Im guessing your jealous because its not on PS4.

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ajtaormin1619d ago

They can crouch. So yes, yes the Titans can teabag. :)

elm1619d ago

Evolution! is that what their calling 720p 6 vs 6 vs bots nowadays?

brich2331619d ago

The bots make sense for Titanfall. Think about it, lets say your playing against a player or a team that you have trouble killing, then you cant rack up points to get your Titan. And so then you will be up against a whole team with 6 titans.

I bet less people will rage quit, if they can at least kill bots to get thier Titan.

chrissx1619d ago

I'd rather the next great evolution of multiplayer also emphasizes good on local co-op play aswell. This always online minus single player aint wassup

Nero13141619d ago

I thought sony fans didnt play mp