First Look at Last Titan Standing Gameplay

GoodGameBro writes, "Here is the first look at gameplay of Last Titan Standing in Titanfall."

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xFaRt0fwAr1501d ago

<--- Can't wait for this game!

truefan11501d ago

I'm disgusted by how fun this game looks, this game mode will be awesome, I was hoping it was a mech war and it is. Please let me get into the beta.

PsylentKiller1501d ago

I want my Beta code now. I need to know that I can play this game on Friday. My Fiancé may be slightly upset with me when I don't go to sleep Thursday night and she wakes up to me with my Gunnar's on, Astro's on, XB1 controller in one hand, an AMP in the other with 5 empty cans of AMP on the end table along with a bag of Funyuns and an empty bottle of 5-hour energy.

Thatguy-3101501d ago

The trailers make it seem more crazier and fast pace than some game play videos

Kevin263851501d ago

I think that is typical. Most trailers are short and want to pack in as much action as possible.

ape0071501d ago

looks freakin amazing

monkeyDzoro1501d ago

I got bored after 10mins. MP enthusiasts surely will enjoy this but I hoped it'd be more different than what people said it was : "CoD with mechs". So this is JUST multiplayer modes thrown like that ?
They said there would be some story elements in the MP, but I noticed none.

bleedsoe9mm1501d ago

might be 2 different modes , a strictly multiplayer and a story multiplayer mode

monkeyDzoro1501d ago

Maybe. I thought this game would be an occasion to get into FPS game. Played 2 FPS last gen : Bioshock2 and FarCry3 because of Vaas. LooL.
But I honestly see no differences whatsoever between this an CoD. But that's just me perhaps.

I'd have been great if it had some singleplayer. Devs today downplay the importance of singleplayer experience. Hope the success (if it succeed) of this game won't affect devs minds like it did with CoD.

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The story is too old to be commented.