Titanfall: the true CoD-killer - BT Games

BT Games go hands-on with what could be the best reason to buy an Xbox One in this free-running smash of the titans.

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PSnation41616d ago

it will never beat cod until its on all platforms.. has the chance to top maybe halo(sales wise) as a exclusive pc/xbox and even that is a reach..

pompombrum1616d ago

There is no such thing as a cod killer.. just like WoW, the only thing which will kill off cod will be the developers. No matter how great and how successful Titanfall is, cod is still going to be shifting enough units each year to leave Kotick drooling like Homer Simpson.

Ashby_JC1616d ago

Yes. PLEASE stop labeling games the (insert game) Killer

Titanfall looks like the game that has all of our attention. But no game is killing another game.

Over time I feel a game can pull people away onto yours but KILL it. Naw..not happening. As many that proclaim how much they hate COD there are 100s that LOVE COD!!

Take Battlefield for example. Even if the game released perfect with no issues COD would STILL be on top.

If your into COD...the game feels a need. If your into BF the game feels a need. Now we have titanfall and until the game is released time will tell how great the game is.

I look forward to playing it.

venom061616d ago

game nerds and their "CoD killer" references are HILARIOUS!! BF killed CoD in quality LONG time ago, Titanfall will probably also kill CoD in quality, IGN won't let any game kill CoD in sales.... please stop with the stupid "CoD Killer" talk...

kewlkat0071616d ago

There is no COD killer, if this franchise was on all platforms then just possibly. Of course we are just talking about sale numbers. Then again, the reason I never really got into COD games because they lack any new gameplay elements.

This game Titinfall could be good but it will not saturate all platforms so sales will not be maximized. If successful or the new gameplay elements they bring proves good,who knows .

Does anybody know if the BOTS will stake out campers? I've been asking for this for the longest time.

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