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VideoGamer: "Hands-on with Titanfall on Xbox One - the best Call of Duty game in years."

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Edsword1592d ago

So is comparing it to COD really a compliment? I mean it's supposed to be a game changer, making that comparison just feed my suspicions that it's just another COD with Mechs and the ability to run on walls. Fun MP game, but overhyped as a game changer.

Charybdis1592d ago

Its made by COD team and kinda plays like COD with mechs which is not a bad thing. It throws in a few new elements which do seem to work nicely. So you have a new franchise heavily associated with COD, warranting the same hype a new COD game would have if they included mechs.

Ripsta7th1592d ago

Comparing it to the game that sells millions every year you mean

Edsword1592d ago

Hey I didn't put down COD, just asking about the game changing elements.