The Last of Us on PS4: A Look at the Prospects of Porting

Some reasons why Naughty Dog and Sony might want to bring The Last of Us to PS4.

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ramiuk11564d ago

i coudlnt play it on ps3 as the DS3 gave me cramp.
so i would love this to happen

kratoz12091563d ago

I am pretty sure Dualshock 4 controllers work on the PS3?

hellzsupernova1563d ago

Not all games and some games only some functions work, eg I was using the dualshock 4 to play grid 2 and the playstation button wouldn't work, so it is a bit difficult.

There are lists out there with compatable games

kayoss1563d ago

I would love a "Definite" edition of this game on the PS4 with the DLC some how integrated into the main story. This would be awesome.

medman1563d ago (Edited 1563d ago )

I would prefer if the team at ND that worked on The Last of Us moved on and gave us a new Ip next for PS4, and maybe return to The Last of Us 2 closer to the end of the PS4's lifespan. Don't spend time working on a port. The other team is grinding away on Uncharted, let this team deliver a space epic or some other new ideas they've got kicking around in their heads. I want a game for the PS4, only for the PS4, fully optimized for the PS4, not a port. Thank you. P.S. I know some of you may be xbox converts who didn't own a ps3 but bought a ps4 and would like a port, so I get that. But honestly, Naughty Dog can't miss. Whatever their teams work on for the ps4, it will be a classic. Maybe in time The Last of Us will be available for you on PsNow.

TruthBTold1563d ago

Hush medman!!!! Have you gone mad? How dare you place such negative thoughts here? We need TLOU sequel NOW or else the world is doomed... DOOOOOOMED

medman1563d ago

How dare you sir. How dare you.

zeusky1564d ago

the prospect of this and The Order 1886 are the two main reasons i got the ps4 (my first playstation console ever)

jimjam34421563d ago

had a 360 last gen so i missed out, please do it.

bjmartynhak1563d ago

Indeed, and anyone that might complain.. just don't buy it.

I would love a mega-collection for Halo on Xbox One for example. Never had a 360.

jimjam34421563d ago

from what i can tell the halo of today is not the halo 1,2,3 style but halo always seems to be pretty good so yeah, enjoy halo 5

SilentSolid1563d ago

Make a new game or a sequel instead. porting the game is a waste of time.

Tidybrutes1563d ago (Edited 1563d ago )

Exactly, it will be playable on PS Now when that becomes avalible anyway.

Meltic1563d ago

dont make this game on the new hardware. Instead make a new game like the last of us in time and release it in time instead of investigating in a same game but better Graphics. Investigate in those Money in something else instead.

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