Why Square Enix Is Set For A Comeback This Generation

OnlySP: Over the past generation, it has been hard to be a Square Enix fan. With three installments in the controversial Final Fantasy XIII series that seemed very little asked for, the tease of a potential HD remake of Final Fantasy VII, no true Kingdom Hearts sequel, the very late Final Fantasy XV (once called Final Fantasy Versus XIII), and Eidos’ games being touted as “failures,” it has been difficult for both the company and its fan base.

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eyeDEVOUR1590d ago

Just drop Enix....problem solved

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NeXXXuS1590d ago

I'm currently playing Bravely Default and it's very fun. The characters are memorable and there's good humour in the dialogue. The battle system is good too. AND it's challenging. The story is very reminiscent of FFV with the world rotting because the light of the crystals have gone out, but it's very good nonetheless.

DryBoneKoopa851590d ago

I agree! Loving the story and the traditional FF mechanics.

I think I read this WAS supposed to be a new FF game but they decided against it. They decided they wanted it to be a new IP. Which I'm cool with.

My_Name_BTW_Is_Dante1590d ago

They're not making a comeback at all. They're continuing to get worse and worse. FFXV looks worse than FF13. They don't know how to make REAL FF games anymore and everything else they make ends up being just as mediocre.

They haven't been good since the PS1 days. Final Fantasy is a dead franchise that's just getting run into the ground along with other RPG franchises like the Tales series.

I'm just glad that there are still some good Japanese developers left that are still making good JRPGs like the Persona games and such.

NeXXXuS1590d ago

FFXV is being directed by Tetsuya Nomura. He hasn't made any bad games and he's been with Square for a long time.

Taislin1590d ago

A real FF game is a game which separates itself from its peers and reinvents. Every game they´ve made has been a real FF, might not have been better than some earlier FF´s, but they are still FF games. Also FFX and FFXII are PS2 games and are very good games. FFXV is looking to be one of the best. But good trolling atempt anyways.

colonel1791590d ago

I have to admit that they have done an excellent job with A Realm Reborn. They worked very hard to improve and mend all the mistakes they did with the original release. However, Square Enix haven't got rid of very bad practices they have, and they still don't find the balance in supporting each console equally (They still lean towards the Xbox).

Future releases should be much better than anything that was released last season though. But they still have a LOT of work to do, to even get to direction they used to be (Squaresoft mostly, though).

NeXXXuS1590d ago (Edited 1590d ago )

how are they still leaning towards xbox? i never even knew they were.

jambola1590d ago

Leaning towards xbox how?
by having ff x/x-2 and ff14 only on playstation?

Ravenheartzero1590d ago (Edited 1590d ago )

Think Final Fantasy 15 is looking fantastic so far! Loved every Final fantasy up until 13, tried so hard to like it after the past experiences, but a horrible FF game imo, the paradigm shift just abysmal. Glad FF15 looks way different to 13 and glad KH3 is in production. I think squeenix have learned a lesson, fans haven't really been quiet about their dislike of 13.

McScroggz1590d ago

I just want to be able to fall in love with a Final Fantasy game again.

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