MLB 14: The Show PS4 Version "So Clean, So Deep, So Much Detail;" Spectacular Lighting Described

While the embargo for new gameplay footage, screenshots ad impression of Sony Computer Entertainment's MLB 14: The Show drops tomorrow at 10 AM EST, a few impressions are already filtering through, and they're very positive.

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3-4-51496d ago

Yea, I've been an xbox gamer for the past 12 years or so. I've never played the show but it does look good.

Definitely getting it for Vita, and most likely PS4 when I get one.

SmielmaN1496d ago

If you like baseball it's always the best. I'm a massive nhl fan and the show is the the best sports game every year.

mp12891496d ago

i believe this game will set the standard on next-gen sports game visuals...and i havent even seen it.

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UnholyLight1496d ago

Wow. So detail. Very baseball. Much Excite.

hellzsupernova1496d ago

dammit that is how i read the article headline lol

showtimefolks1496d ago

when i saw the tease trailer a while back when they announced it for ps4, few things stuck with me

the developers spoke about how much better than game could become in all areas now that they have a lot of wiggle room

2nd and most important IMO: he said we will not use the excuse of new generation to take few years to make a great MLB the show game. He said that's the goal with 1st game. Usually sports games take a few years before they truly shine and get all features in

SniperControl1496d ago

I'am from the UK and will probably get this, while I don't understand all of the stats I do understand the game.

Just wish FIFA had this sort of polish.

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sigfredod1496d ago

The best sport game for years just got a lot better

arbitor3651496d ago

much clean
very detail
such deep
so lighting

Anarki1496d ago

I knew this would pop up after reading the time.

Much doge! Such wow, very amaze!

CrashJones1496d ago

My favorite sports title. So looking forward to this years PS4 installment!

FFXI1011496d ago

Agree, also can't wait for the baseball season to start! Let's go Mets!!

CrashJones1496d ago

Mets hey. well, I hope you have a decent season out of have Colon instead of Harvey, for this season.

I'm an A's fan since 82'. Colon is fun to watch, but he's no Harvey.

Although, watching Bartolo bat will be an adventure. :)

Go A's!!!

FFXI1011495d ago

@CrashJones Thanks! I hope you guys doing well in the AL west too.

I still remember watching Dennis Eckersley, Ricky Henderson play on TV. But my favorite players from A's were Eric Chávez and Tim Hudson.

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