Introducing the Kinect Sports Rivals Teams - Trailer

Led by Vargu, Wolf Clan are island natives with a primal and uninhibited nature and a culture that prizes excellence. Eagle Legion is a loyal and honorable group that, under the leadership of Blake, have formalized the various events on this island and defeated countless teams in the process. And lastly, Viper Network, led by Zara, is the newest addition to the island, bringing with them a crafty and ambitious drive coupled with corporate sponsorship.

Each of these teams will issue unique challenges and invite players to join their team.

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Fireseed1528d ago

I strangely loved the water skiing demo they put and might just end up getting the full game. If for no other reason than to stare at that lovely character design style more lol

christocolus1528d ago

same here. getting this and d4.

TRD4L1fe1528d ago

Really excited to play this with my family


I do think it looks lovely but where is the new gameplay???

REDBEARD1528d ago

Oh god! Kill me now! RARE is now officially dead. I think I am going to vomit.


I think Rare like a sports team that over time acquired new players. Rare is not the same team it was 10 plus years ago.