PS4 Exclusive Everybody's Gone To The Rapture Won't Utilize PS4's Fabled VR Tech

iGR: "After speaking to The Chinese Room, it's been confirmed that their upcoming PS4 exclusive, Everybody's Gone to the Rapture won't utilize PS4's fabled VR tech. However, they do have something exciting happening at the studio they want to prototype."

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TrueJerseyDevil1618d ago

Anyone know the window this game is supposed to be released?

OhHiMark1617d ago

Nothing official yet. Incredibly excited for it though.

hellzsupernova1617d ago

wait so have we all just accepted that it is a fact sony is working on and releasing a VR Headset for the playstation 4?

Cryptcuzz1617d ago

I hope they do, 6-7 years before PS5 and that's a long time.
Give me my VR or give me my sammich!

ajax171617d ago

Damn, this game would've been perfect for that.

thereapersson1617d ago

The Witness supports the Oculus Rift so I would hope that it also supports the Sony VR headset.

KwietStorm1617d ago

Is that true? I would hope so. To think what Myst would've been with a VR headset.

OhHiMark1617d ago

That's ok. We'll have plenty of games built around it. :) Can't wait for this!

ibrake4naps1617d ago

when's the headset due out??

Pandamobile1617d ago

Who knows. The supposed Sony VR headset hasn't even been officially announced/confirmed yet.

The only piece of evidence for its existence are some patent diagrams.

starchild1617d ago

It's pure rumour so far. We don't even know if it's real.

bleedsoe9mm1617d ago

doesn't "Fabled" imply its not real

_LarZen_1617d ago

Are you implying unicorns are NOT REAL?

Cryptcuzz1617d ago


Volkama1617d ago

Of course they are! They just... aren't organic or natural in origin.

I stuck a carrot on a horse.

annus1617d ago

In this context it's using the other meaning of fabled, which is basically highly anticipated/desired/whatever else.

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