EA SPORTS Hints at NBA Jam Return

GoodGameBro writes, "NBA Jam is a classic arcade basketball title that was remade for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Wii in 2010. It seems like the game is making another return after a recent social media post from the official NBA Jam Twitter account."

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4logpc1466d ago

Yes please. Love me some NBA jam.

TomahawkX1466d ago

It would be cool if they used an anime cell-shading style. It would fit the over-the-top nature of the franchise. Even better get CyberConnect2 to develop it!

Kevin263851466d ago

That is a cool idea. They should make it a toggle switch (Halo CE/Anniversary) so we could jump between graphics.

curtis921466d ago (Edited 1466d ago )

They need to stick with NBA jam... it's a good complimentary game to 2K and not competing directly. They could really run with it.

Kevin263851466d ago

What they should do is have NBA Jam and NBA Street as their basketball titles. Own the arcade side of basketball.

HonkyLips1466d ago

I bet this will be packed with in-game purchases. You get a couple of teams and have to buy the rest. I'd venture to say EA sees this as well and is already drooling at the thought.

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