Crytek on the challenge of creating Xbox One’s launchday showpiece, Ryse: Son Of Rome

By giving Xbox One its mandatory early visual powerhouse – despite all the doomsaying about the hardware’s horsepower – Ryse was arguably the console’s most important launch title. It disrupted the narrative, leaving many players clueless as to what the platform can really achieve. It’s certainly hard to imagine more on day one in terms of presentation and ensemble performance capture. As technical art director Christopher Evans and cinematic director Peter Gornstein explain, achieving such results involved risks, experimentation and lots of research.

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Naga1620d ago

Pretty good interview. Those weren't exactly softball questions.

DanielGearSolid1620d ago

So what are they working on next?

truefan11620d ago (Edited 1620d ago )

Crytek set the standard graphically for next gen. Ryse was a great starting point, the ip has so much potential. I hope they continue to work with the XB1 in the future.

Cerbus1620d ago (Edited 1620d ago )

No it does not set the standard for next gen. It doesn't out put at 1080p so give it a rest, it's a last gen game.

4logpc1620d ago

If you really think Ryse is capable on last Gen because it doesnt run in 1080, you should grow up.

1620d ago
ThePope1620d ago

Maybe you should give it a rest. He thinks its the best so to HIM its the best.

Ryse is a great game that went through a lot of changes over the course of its development. And it still turned out well.

dansdooz1620d ago

was a great showpiece and i really enjoyed it. gameplay needs mixing up a bit, really hope for a sequel with monsters n shizzz.

Eldyraen1620d ago

I can live without monsters as it was refreshing to fight in a pseudo-realistic setting (gods could had been dropped easily enough and it would been just fine using Democules as a metaphor and not divinely created).

Rome had a huge swath of influence/territory where we could see plenty of human inspired legends of mythical creatures on top of different cultures and their weaponry/tactics.

DaleCooper1620d ago

Just finished the game a couple days ago. Great story and lots of fun. An unexpected surprise, especially after all the bad press.

christocolus1620d ago

yeah . i am hoping they start work on a sequel soon.

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