Tommy Tallarico releases Video Games Live Level 3 teaser

"Fans of game music will be able to witness the fruits of another successful Kickstarter project next week, when game music luminary Tommy Tallarico releases Video Games Live Level 3 to the masses.

Funded back in September, the album will feature several arrangements from a bevy of game soundtracks, including “Liberi Fatali” from Final Fantasy VIII and “Theme of Laura” from Silent Hill 2. To satiate backers’ ears, Tallarico has released an eight-minute teaser featuring some of the tunes fans can expect to hear on the album. Judging from what I’ve heard, I think it’s sounding pretty darn good.

Video Games Live Level 3 will be made available in digital and physical formats next week on Feb. 18. And in case you missed it, I interviewed Tallarico last month regarding his work on the album at MAGFest 12." - Patrick Kulikowski

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