New inFAMOUS: Second Son Gameplay Footage and Interview: "a Great Time to try Out Superpowers"

The embargo on the inFAMOUS: Second Son has been dropped and new footage can finally impress the internet.

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Meltic1436d ago (Edited 1436d ago )

NICE !. Can't wait for this game. It looks so perfect and i normaly doesen't say the Word ''perfect''. But this really do. I hope the story can Catch up :). Guys hold on a Little over 1 month and this is yours !!!

aceitman1436d ago

yelling . i want this now. it looks amazing.

Meltic1436d ago

hehe it truly does. I hope they wont show us too much. Like more Powers and stuff. No spoilers. They have already told us about evil/god story.... new screens can be good to get us more hyper and excited but not more

Destrania1436d ago (Edited 1436d ago )

This looks so f'n amazing. The particle effects, the animations, the art style, the lighting, the reflections... I could go on and on. My goodness.

3-4-51436d ago

Not crazy about the player movement. It feels last gen.

Everything else looks awesome though. Hoping this game turns out well.

Irishguy951436d ago Show
MoB211436d ago

Need some direct feed gameplay of each mission

aceitman1436d ago

this looks amazing and its of screen footage imagine direct feed, booooomm awesome in our face.

MoB211436d ago

lol why the disagrees, we only got two minutes of gameplay in this footage without sound? So when we do get new pure gameplay footage, i want you 6 disagrees to not watch it

G20WLY1436d ago

I reckon the disagrees are just because people are concerned that if they saw gameplay of each mission, it might spoil the story/experience for them.

MoB211435d ago

I meant gameplay of the two different missions they were showing off in the new demo... not of the entire game..

badz1491436d ago

time is not flowing fast enough!

TheEnigma3131436d ago (Edited 1436d ago )

This game just looks pure sick. Why must we wait ugh? This is torture. Btw if any of you are looking for a ps4, amazon just received them in stock.

Meltic1436d ago

I got mine in december im happy but no games. ive cleared them all haha. Waiting for some new games. Infamous is next. meaby thief

ITPython1435d ago (Edited 1435d ago )

Wow, still shows them in stock as of 11 PM PST Wednesday. :-O

They must have gotten one HUGE shipment for them to still be in stock. Maybe this is a sign that Sony is finally pumping out enough PS4's to keep up with demand. In which case the PS4 sales for February are going to be astronomical.

caseh1436d ago

Don't know if i'm the only one but admittedly, I've not seen much footage but the skills and how they look compared to Cole and the electricity just look seriously underwhelming.

Am I missing something here? When I first saw infamous and all the electrical goodness it was like 'oooooo' but that snippet right there was more like 'muh'.

OsirisBlack1436d ago

They are purposely not showing every aspect of the powers. They went so far as to blank things out in the press event. That said, this game looks amazing and power progression sounds very interesting... cannot wait to pick this up already have the collectors edition paid off.

webeblazing1435d ago (Edited 1435d ago )

im kinda with you on that. the lighting and the effects are great, but if it was with cole and his lightening ability... yeah it would over shadow this. but then again they would have to get him to teleport or turn to lightening to move fast instead of that lame hoover to compete. but kinda glad the doing new character and powers want something different tho.

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The story is too old to be commented.